Bai Ni Tian Village in Qingzhen City Establishes "Cultural Culture in Village" Model

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On December 22, the winter solstice is solar terms, and every weekend, but many villagers in Bainitian Village, Hongfenghu Town, Qingzhen City are not taking care of their rest, but they are as busy as usual-

The villager Zhang Xiqun came to the village committee early in the morning. Today her task is to implement the lecture time of the teachers in the city and the performance time of the village Spring Festival party. "Everyone is hurrying to rehearse the show, and several dance teams are waiting for guidance from teachers in the city." Zhang Xiqun said.

Poor household Wang Chengxiu was busy at home familiarizing himself with embroidery skills. In September of this year, Bai Nitian Village opened a non-heritage manual training class. Professional teachers were invited to teach villagers embroidery, batik, tie-dye, and pankou handicrafts. She was weak and she learned the craft through training and found a way out.

Chen Yanni, a 9-year-old left-behind child, prepares for the final exam at home. In addition, she has to complete painting assignments arranged by the teachers of the painting public welfare training class.


"In the past Bainitian Village, everyone was not so busy." Liang Zhiwei, the party secretary of Bainitian Village, said that the change in the village must start with one person.

A secretary in charge of "culture" came from the village

In April 2018, Wu Bo, deputy director of the Regulations Division of the Guiyang Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Division, was dispatched to Bai Nitian Village as the first secretary. When he first arrived in Bainitian Village, he was very puzzled. The cadres in the village were often sent to the front line of poverty alleviation, but Bainitian Village was only 3 kilometers away from Qingzhen City. The transportation was convenient and the villagers' income was generally good. Such a village required him to do it what?

For this reason, Wu Bo conducted a survey in Bainitian Village. He found that because of the close distance to the urban area, the villagers have a rich material life, but they are poor in spiritual life, such as fighting cocks, playing mahjong, watching pirated discs, and even some unhealthy. The pirated discs were a common way of entertainment for villagers at that time. After discovering the problem, Wu Bo determined the focus of work and vigorously promoted the construction of spiritual civilization in Bainitian Village.

As a cadre of the cultural market comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment, Wu Bo combined his nature of work, centering on the characteristics of Bainitian Village at the junction of urban and rural areas, and with the strong support of the stationed unit, first determined the establishment of a national "sweep and fight against evil" grassroots demonstration site As the starting point for the construction of spiritual civilization, "I think the relationship between" scraping the yellow and fighting against evil "and the construction of spiritual civilization is the relationship between" breaking "and" establishing ". Only by letting the villagers know and distinguish which cultures are bad, can they be established correctly. Values and cultural values. "Wu Bo said.

With the promotion of Wu Bo, Bainitian Village established a “sweep and fight against evil” liaison station, arranged personnel for daily inspections, and carried out multiple propaganda and seizure actions. “Through these governance actions, not only has some of the potential Illegal activities are more important for the villagers to develop a good habit of excavating and abandoning bad cultural activities. "Wu Bo said.

"Broken" and then "established", Wu Bo and the village committee began to think about how to enrich the cultural life of the villagers.

"In the beginning, we thought very simple, that is, to carry out more activities to send culture to the countryside." Wu Bo said that in 2018, with the support of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Guiyang Mass Art Museum, the village organized 52 positive energies. activity. However, the villagers did not have a strong sense of participation. They were very lively during the performance and passed after the performance. There was little change in the villagers' lifestyle.

"Only by cultivating the right cultural hobby, can the village style and village appearance be positive." Wu Bo decided to change his thinking from a simple "send culture to the countryside" to a deeper level of "cultivating culture in the village" work.

Establish and improve the "culture in the village" model

"The villagers of Bainitian Village have a habit of singing and dancing." Wu Bo said, pinpointing the entry point, he used the new era civilization practice station of Bainitian Village as the carrier, coordinated the provincial and municipal public cultural resources, and guided by the needs of the masses. Through the "Please come in" method, a series of public welfare training activities were carried out.

According to Wu Bo, Bainitian Village has invited professional teachers from Guizhou Art Museum and Guiyang Mass Art Museum to conduct dance and soft pen calligraphy training for villagers twice a week, and hard pen calligraphy for children and children in the village twice a month. Cultural public welfare training in painting, recitation and hosting. Public welfare training has greatly improved villagers' enthusiasm and cultural literacy to participate in cultural activities, and gradually established a positive new trend of civilization.

"There is less mahjong, no more cockfighting, the villagers have their own healthy hobbies, everyone's spirit is different." Liang Zhiwei said that the village weather has really changed a lot.

Not only that, the two committees of the village branch also managed to link cultural training with villagers' employment and entrepreneurship. "In 2018, the village organized more than 40 villagers to go out to work in Guiyang, but only two months later, all of them returned." Liang Zhiwei said that most of the women in the village were unwilling to go out and took care of the young and old at home.

For this reason, Wu Bo thought that if the villagers could learn a craft to work at home, it would not be the best of both worlds. In September 2019, with the guidance and support of Guiyang Culture and Tourism Bureau, Bai Nitian Village held the first non-heritage manual training course. "Only 30 villagers registered at the beginning, but there are more and more every day. Five days before the end of the training course, there are already more than 60 trainees. "Wu Bo said that they have been in touch with relevant enterprises, and when the villagers' technology meets the standards, they can carry out order production.

In addition to "Please come in", Bai Ni Tian Village also organized the children in the village to "go out" to improve their cultural self-confidence. In August last year and May this year, the village committee twice organized left-behind children in the village to visit the Guizhou Art Museum and Guizhou Provincial Museum. "I never thought I could visit art galleries and museums like children in the city. The teachers of the art gallery also organized special events for us, which was really interesting." Chen Yanni said.

Based on the cultural needs of the villagers, these colorful activities have changed the single, temporary, and temporary "send culture to the countryside" activity model in the past, and have become a "rooted" type of "culture in the village" mode. Up to now, Bainitian Village has launched 37 training courses of various cultural quality improvement, and the villagers participating in the training have reached more than 1,600 person-times.

In June this year, the Guiyang Adult Cultural Activity Base and the Guiyang Juvenile Cultural Activity Base in Bainitian Village were established to guide the healthy flow of urban cultural and educational resources to the countryside by forming a long-term mechanism.

Not long ago, Bai Ni Tian Village was officially selected as the third batch of national "Sweep and Fight against Fei" grass-roots demonstration sites. "This third batch of national" Sweep and Fight against Fei "grass-roots demonstration sites. 4 Guizhou has been selected. The only selected village is the country's affirmation of Bai Nitian Village's spiritual civilization construction work. "Wu Bo said.

(Reporter Qian Li from Guiyang Daily Rongrong Media )

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