Guiyang Wudang District will launch a "one medicine, one yard" payment system at designated pharmacies

来源:贵阳网—贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-25 10:14 Source: Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily

On December 23, the Wudang District Medical Security Bureau organized the Guiyang Medical Insurance Designated Retail Pharmacy in the area under its jurisdiction, held a " one medicine, one yard " work mobilization meeting and system training meeting to strengthen the standardized management of the designated retail pharmacy and ensure the safe operation of the medical insurance fund , From the source to eliminate drug sales in the process of "swipe cash" and other violations.

At the training meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Medical Insurance Bureau of Wudang District explained the relevant policies from the perspective of the importance of carrying out this work and preventing the risks of medical insurance funds, and required each pharmacy to strictly implement the designated pharmacy service agreement after the deployment of the new system , Regulate business activities, and resolutely put an end to illegal card swiping. At the same time, combined with the contents of big data and the intelligent monitoring of medical insurance fund risks, the "one medicine, one yard" management system was explained in detail. After the meeting, the Wudang District Medical Insurance Bureau also installed a new "one medicine, one yard" payment system for each pharmacy, and demonstrated and trained the installation, use, and maintenance of the system.

In the next step, the Wudang District Medical Insurance Bureau will require all designated pharmacies to install new payment systems in a timely manner, step up training of store staff, and increase supervision and management of designated retail pharmacies based on their job responsibilities. All designated pharmacies in the district have launched a "one medicine, one yard" payment system.

(Fan Rong, reporter from Guiyang Daily Press)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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