Xijing Economic and Technological Development Zone: Party building leads strong service companies to seek peace of development

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At the end of the year and the end of the year, the cold winter is approaching, but entering the China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. located in the Xijing Economic Development Zone, the technicians are busy debugging the machine, a scene full of fire.

"The first phase of the company's prefabricated construction project has been basically completed, and trial production is about to begin. Production will begin after the Spring Festival." China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. Guizhou Branch Assistant General Manager Assistant Xifeng PC Factory Executive Factory Kingdom The group said.

In 2017, Xijing County introduced the world top 500 enterprises China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. The company's core business is new industrialization of buildings, building energy conservation and environmental protection, integrated houses, passive buildings, future buildings and new building materials.

"We originally planned to build 1 million square meters of prefabricated buildings within three years. Now we can quickly realize this plan. Thanks to the" nanny "services in the economic development zone, we have helped us solve many problems." Wang Guoqun said that after the completion of the base, it will realize an annual output value of 10 billion yuan and provide nearly 3,000 jobs for the local area.

"Nanny-style" service, spring warming operation, contact with business leaders ... In recent years, the Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone has been working around the center of the county in accordance with the requirements of "high standards, high level of openness, and high-quality development". The higher-level deployment aims at establishing development-oriented and service-oriented party organizations. Through the establishment of a service company “through train” system, the selection of party building instructors, and enterprise scoring, etc., it guides enterprises in the jurisdiction to strengthen party organization construction and enhance the ability of party member cadres to serve the development of enterprises To achieve the same frequency resonance between party construction, economic construction, and enterprise development.

"In order to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of party building work and comprehensively improve the level of party building work, we conducted a thorough survey of enterprises in the jurisdictions, supported the establishment of party organizations in qualified enterprises, and appointed party construction instructors for non-qualified enterprises to guide enterprises in party building. And related work. "Said Chen Caizhong, a member of the Xi'an Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee. Through the on-site service of party construction instructors, we help enterprises solve problems such as project approval, project filing, plant construction, and road construction in factories, so that simple problems can be handled on-site, complex problem teams can be delivered to the door, and difficult problems can be solved through collective consultations. 3. Run less and drive the project to land as soon as possible.

Not only that, the Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone also started from establishing a sound system to further standardize the management of party members and give full play to the role of party building instructor. At present, the district has established a system of "three meetings and one lesson", intra-party supervision, and democratic evaluation of party members, making the party constitution and party regulations and regulations a "red line" that regulates the utterances of party members and deeds. The party construction instructor, while staying on the ground and consolidating the work of the party, must also improve his ability around serving the employees of the enterprise and transforming and developing services. At the same time, through the scoring mechanism of the coordinated service of the enterprises settled, companies are convened quarterly to score the work of the party building instructors, strictly implement rewards and punishments, and force party members and cadres to do a good job of corporate coordination and service.

"Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone is a big platform for service enterprises. We are one company with the enterprise. Whether the enterprise is satisfied is the touchstone for testing the quality of our services." Chen Caizhong said. Through the work methods of collecting problems, dispatching and supervising, and coordinating the solution, the Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone can solve various problems encountered in the establishment, construction, and production of enterprises, so that the enterprises can rest assured that they can do a good job in project construction, production and sales.

Through party building leadership, optimization and improvement of services, since the beginning of this year, 13 companies have been successfully introduced into the Xi'an Economic Development Zone. At present, there are 40 industrial enterprises above the size of 20 million in the jurisdiction. From January to October this year, the zone completed a total industrial output value of 8.25 billion yuan, completed an industrial added value of 1.357 billion yuan, and completed a fixed asset investment of 1.15 billion yuan; the actual funds for investment promotion were 3.015 billion yuan, and the enterprise completed a tax of 10.71588 million yuan.

(Song Anhui, Yang Ting , Guiyang Daily, Rong Media )

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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