Guiyang Yunyan District Practices the Idea of Ecological Civilization

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The ecologically sound and fast-developing Yunyan area. (Profile picture)

Overlooking the lush Yunyan city. (Profile picture)

In the winter, strolling the streets of Yunyan, the breeze is blowing, and the air is full of freshness; walking in Qianlingshan Park, full of vitality, green water, pedestrians laughing and laughing, a green picture of "rich people, ecological beauty" is reflected in eye.

Green trees, clear blue water, and fresh air are the realistic expectations of the masses for "ecological beauty"; green development, urban-rural harmony, and solid life are the masses' longing for "rich people". As the central city of the provincial capital, responding to the expectations of the masses, guided by the concept of ecological civilization, and helping to build a modern new dolomite that is first-rate in the country, leading in the province, and demonstration in the city, is an important direction for Yunyan District to continue to explore for a long time.

Ecological priority and green development. Yunyan District seizes the major strategic opportunity of our province to be included in the National Ecological Civilization Pilot Area, continues to advance the strategic actions of the large ecology, continuously integrates the concept of ecological civilization into all aspects of economic and social development, and continues to build a green system, a green home, and Fasten the green barrier, develop a green economy, and make every effort to make the ecological card more "beautiful" and the green word signboard "brighter", speed up the construction of the national ecological civilization demonstration district , and promote the continuous leap of energy levels in cities.

Make the beauty of urban and rural areas improve the green quality of the city

"In recent years, watching the big ditch treatment at the door has progressed a little bit, the water in the river is getting clearer and the scenery on the shore is getting more and more beautiful."

"A mountain park has been built at the door of the house, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air up close every day. It is a good place for daily exercise."

Protect the green mountains and green mountains of a city, and the happiness of Huize City will be tomorrow. Since this year, Yunyan District has firmly adhered to the two bottom lines of development and ecology. Through the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of key projects such as "forest protection, water control, gas purification, noise reduction, and soil conservation", it has been vigorously advancing the construction of the "City of Thousands of Parks" and continuously Do enough "water articles", do a good job of "ecological card", make every effort to make the beauty of urban and rural areas, and improve the green quality of the city——

Makes the water clearer. The Yunyan District closely focuses on the goals of water purification and protection of drinking water sources in the Nanming River, fully promotes the construction of reclaimed water plants and the treatment of black and stinky water bodies, completes the construction of automatic monitoring stations for the water quality of Nanming River, and the comprehensive improvement of the water environment of the Jinzhong River to strengthen the water environment Management, improve and improve the responsibility mechanism for river water quality protection, treatment and management, strictly implement the river length system, vigorously promote the engineering governance of water environment quality, and comprehensively improve the water environment quality.

Makes the air fresher. Focusing on winning the "defense of the blue sky", the region decomposed and implemented the various air pollution prevention and control tasks, paid close attention to key tasks such as road dust, construction site dust, catering fumes, and coal control, and carefully deployed, coordinated, Supervising the operation, forming a strong situation of all functional departments and communities (towns) to grasp joint management. As of November, the excellent rate of ambient air quality in the region reached 99.1%. The number of "excellent" days of ambient air quality increased by 43 days compared with the same period last year, and the air quality continued to improve.

Make the soil safer. The "Yunyan District's Annual Implementation Plan for Soil Pollution Prevention and Control in 2019" was formulated, 4 plots were included in the management list of suspected polluted plots, and the corresponding land and soil condition investigation was carried out carefully, and the soil pollution prevention and control work was promoted step by step and targeted.

Make life quieter. Focusing on the overall situation of development and the needs of the people, Yunyan District has strengthened the prevention and control of noise pollution in industrial enterprises, strictly investigated the excessive noise emissions caused by industrial enterprises, and dealt with 18 industrial enterprise noise complaints throughout the year, with a settlement rate of 100% and noise pollution. Obvious results have been achieved in prevention and control.

Make the environment more beautiful. Focusing closely on the needs of people's livelihood, Yunyan District vigorously promoted and continued to consolidate the construction of the "City of Thousands of Parks", adapted to local conditions and highlighted characteristics, and strived to build a "balanced layout, reasonable structure, perfect functions, beautiful environment, close to life, and serving the people" Park system to increase public space for citizens. At present, 135 non-demonstrative parks of various types have been completed in the district, and the Nanxun Mountain Sports Park, a city-level demonstration park, has been completed.


At first, there was consensus. A southwestern city of mountains and rivers is graceful, and a green ecological city is charming and charming. Today's Yunyan, the mountains are lush and green, holding up the city's green; the meandering flow of water reveals vitality. With the implementation of various ecological measures, the urban and rural appearance of Yunyan District has become more harmonious and beautiful, and the green quality has become more dazzling.

Optimizing spatial layout and consolidating the foundation of urban development

These days, as one of the important projects in the reconstruction of the road network in the Sanma area , the Yunyan section of the Shubo Avenue is actively carrying out auxiliary works such as road water stability, pavement paving, and greening to sprint for opening to traffic at the end of the year.

It is noticeable that the width of the greening partition of the Yunyan section of the Shubo Avenue reaches 3 meters, which is more than 1 meter more than the width of 1.5 meters to 2 meters generally designed for general road engineering. The sidewalk is paved with granite stone. The permeable bricks used in the routine are more beautiful and atmospheric; the vertical greening of the slope also has unique creativity, the greening display effect is more prominent, the selected plants are rich in color, and they have "looks" all year round.

"Strictly adhere to the two bottom lines of development and ecology, we must integrate the concept of ecological civilization into all aspects of urban and rural planning and construction management. While improving the city's" appearance "and" temperament ", build the city's" skeleton "and" meridian ". Realize the organic unification of the city's external image and internal functions. "The relevant person in charge of the Yunyan District Committee said. To turn green water and green mountains into golden mountains and silver mountains has largely benefited from the construction of crisscrossed road networks. Therefore, in order to accelerate the development of Yunyan, it is necessary to do a good job of transportation connectivity, optimize urban spatial layout, allow various factors to flow, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development.

At first, there was determination. Since this year, Yunyan District has actively integrated space resources and industrial elements, further promoted the coordinated development of urban industry, transportation, and space, and continuously enhanced the influence, radiation, and concentration of Yunyan District in the province and city-

Improve urban design. Yunyan District has accelerated the preparation of control plans for the Sanma and Xiaoguan areas, and actively planned special plans for mid-to-high-end industrial development layout planning, green space environment improvement planning, and old community transformation planning, to do a good job in urban design and industrial layout.

Vigorously promote the construction of traffic road network. The district has made every effort to construct the key road network such as the "five horizontal and seven vertical" road network in the Sanma area and the extension of East Yan'an Road, fully support the construction of rail transit lines 2 and 3, and actively promote the opening of "broken roads". Speed up the construction of a multi-level, large-capacity, efficient and convenient modern integrated transportation system.

On this basis, Yunyan District has further promoted the "one core, three pieces" development in the same city and dislocated development, and accelerated the optimization of the urban structure. Among them, the central area adheres to the positioning of “leading high-end, strong urban nuclear”, and strives to build urban renewal projects led by the development of areas on both sides of the People's Avenue and surrounding the provincial government, and strives to make it a new landmark showing modern Guiyang.

The western area adheres to the positioning of “integrated development and urban quality improvement”, and strives to promote the “dual aggregation” development of mid-to-high-end consumption and mid-to-high-end manufacturing, led by the Shubo Avenue area and the modern urban industrial park, to create a leading area for modern economic systems.

The East District adheres to the positioning of “strengthening advantages and shaping characteristics”, and strives to build a cluster of modern service industry development areas led by the future Ark World Trade Center building complex and 7 km of Binhe Commercial Street, becoming the “bridgehead” of Yunyan District.

The northern area adheres to the positioning of "ecological conservation, urban edge", introduces social capital, practices a low-density, low-impact, and low-impact development model. With the theme of "big health, big entertainment, and big data," it builds high-quality ecology. Cultural tourism town, focusing on creating a smart ecological forest city demonstration area, creating green water and green mountains is a model of Jinshan Yinshan.


Respond to the expectations of the masses with heart, and shoulder the responsibility and mission with great efforts. The construction of the extension section of Shubo Avenue and East Yan'an Road is in full swing. The planning of the Sanma area and Xiaoguan area is gradually perfecting. The key investment promotion projects in each area have been successively completed. In the changes, the Yunyan area has deeply integrated the concept of ecological civilization and the urban space layout. Constantly optimized, the foundation of urban development is constantly consolidated.

Strengthening the green economy

In early December, Guiyang Impression City Shopping Center, located on Beijing West Road, opened as an important vehicle for accelerating the mid- to high-end consumption jump in Yunyan District. Incorporate a rest area surrounded by greenery in the space, open a quiet meeting place for business customers, and introduce 13 Guiyang first stores such as CGV Studios ... This shopping mall, which is positioned as the "city aerobic life mall", is opened. After the prelude to the city's aerobic life, the first day of opening exceeded 170,000 passengers, and its turnover exceeded 7 million yuan.

"The new path of high-quality economic development guided by ecological concepts and guided by green industries has been a solid exploration in Yunyan District in recent years, and an important path to promote the continuous rise of urban energy levels." The relevant person in charge of Yunyan District Government said . To build an ecological civilization, we must not only plant a tree and protect a river, but also need to actively promote ecological industrialization and industrial ecology based on the thick planting of a green family base, and transform the "green dividend" into a "development dividend". Turn "ecological advantages" into "economic advantages" with the greatest potential for development and strength, and truly realize the organic unity of ecological beauty, development and prosperity of the people.

At first, there was action. Carefully combing the development trajectory of Yunyan District, guided by the relevant spirit of the 6th Plenary Session of the 9th Plenary Session of the Yunyan District Committee, a road to explore the green energy to promote the city's energy leap is clearly presented——

To build a modern urban industrial park with high standards, adhere to the development concept of "integration of production and city, promote production with production", focus on high-end manufacturing industries, and build high-end ecological parks.

Promote innovation drive, continuously accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity, enhance regional independent innovation capabilities, and strive to build a modern industrial technology system to promote high-end industrial development;

Focus on the development of the digital economy, seize the opportunities of the 5G information revolution, accelerate the implementation of 5G business chains, application chains, service chains, and industrial chains, and build a new model of "smart city" with Yunyan characteristics.

Develop and nurture the business circle economy, make every effort to build a central business district, actively construct a “three streets and one scene” layout, create convenient commercial outlets for the benefit of the people, form a core business district and regional business districts as a leader, and coordinate the development of several sub-regional business districts. .

Vigorously introduce domestic and foreign well-known brands directly or flagship first-run stores, as well as emerging business formats such as well-established and established brands, buying shops, tide brand stores, and catering outlets, to play the leading effect of the first store, innovate business models and emerging business formats, and enhance mid-to-high-end consumption. supply.


Guided by the ecological concept and taking green development as the path, the industrial transformation of Yunyan District has continued to advance in depth, and economic development has ushered in a new climate; here, Hema Xiansheng, Wanda Group, Beijing Hualian and other large-scale enterprises have settled in the regional headquarters. ; Here, the Yunyan Modern Urban Industrial Park is in full swing, leading enterprises in the mid-to-high-end manufacturing industry come one after another; here, Impression City, Wanda Plaza, Yitian Holiday Plaza have opened one after another ...

Xin Cheng raised his eyes picturesquely, and the long wind was breaking. Nowadays, with the general idea of "ecological priority and green development", Yunyan District has transformed ecological advantages into economic advantages, promoted green development with ecological civilization, and continued to stand on the road of strengthening the green economy and promoting the continuous leap of urban energy levels. Row.

Guiqiu Daily Media reporter Huang Qiuyue

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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