Chen Yan hosted a special conference on poverty alleviation in the city

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Guiyang Network News On December 24, the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Chen Yan hosted a special meeting on poverty alleviation in the city, emphasizing the need to study and implement the Central Economic Work Conference and Central Rural Work with the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The spirit of the conference and the Provincial Party Committee's Economic Work Conference was to go all out to make every effort to ensure that the high-quality battle against poverty was won on time and with high quality.

Sun Zhiming, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, Yang Bo, Deputy Mayor, and Xu Junsong, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, participated.

Chen Yan pointed out that since this year, all levels and departments of the city have resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the central, provincial, and municipal committees. "Xiaqiu decisive battle" and "five special governance", outstanding results have been achieved in poverty alleviation work, laying a solid foundation for decisive victory over poverty next year.

Chen Yan emphasized that winning the battle against poverty is the top priority and a hard task that must be completed to build a well-off society. The city's departments at all levels must further improve their political standing, launch a general offensive, and ensure the high-quality task of poverty alleviation. It is necessary to carry out in-depth and persistent screening of poverty alleviation, and focus on the "two worry-free and three-guarantee" investigation and effectiveness, and conscientiously solve the problem of short-term education and medical housing and drinking water safety guarantees for poor households in order to ensure poverty alleviation. We must continue to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, conduct dynamic monitoring of the unstable and marginalized population, strictly implement the "four no picks" requirement, solidly complete the "second half article" of ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, and improve the "five major systems" of follow-up support "We must resolutely prevent the return to poverty and cause poverty, and ensure a solid poverty alleviation process. We must continue to deepen the rural industrial revolution, carefully look for gaps, make up for shortcomings, and strengths and weaknesses in light of the "Eight Factors," and implement the "Strengthening Action Plan for Strengthening Production and Marketing Docking" to promote agriculture to accelerate the "six transformations" and increase the income of the poor. To ensure that the results of poverty alleviation are true and stand the test of history and the people. It is necessary to strengthen the promotion of the results of poverty alleviation, comprehensively demonstrate the outstanding achievements, successful experiences, typical cases and advanced deeds of the city's poverty alleviation, and provide a good atmosphere and spiritual motivation for the work of poverty alleviation.

Chen Yan requested that the provincial capital should be strengthened, the Guiyang market should be promoted to promote poverty alleviation in the province, the "3 + 9" counterpart assistance work should be fully implemented, and the "six major assistance projects" should be continuously implemented to ensure the 12 poverty alleviation counterparts. The county and the country have achieved a comprehensive well-off.

Relevant districts (cities, counties), relevant ministries and commissions of municipal committees, relevant municipal departments and responsible persons of relevant enterprises participated.

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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