Guiyang Yunyan District held Hengai Action charity event with 122 families participating

来源:贵阳网—贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-26 09:47 Source: Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily

On December 25th, the “Hengai Action—Million Family Families First Line Leadership” charity activity was held in Yunyan District with the theme of “Giving a Love and Harvesting Love”, with hundreds of parents and students participating.

"Hengai Action Public Welfare is a charity project implemented by the All-China Women's Federation, China Children and Teenagers Foundation and Hengyuanxiang Co., Ltd. to care for orphans and disabled children, and to promote the communication and integration of families in Xinjiang. The way of knitting love sweaters together builds a platform for exchanges, love, interaction and friendship between families of all ethnic groups. "According to Zheng Lu, chairman of the Women's Federation of Yunyan District, guided by the relevant spirit of the Women's Federation of Yunnan Province and Yunnan Province, Yunyan District actively In response to the call, after consideration of overall planning, relying on the Guiyang Second Experimental Primary School, a traditional handicraft inheritance and education base in the area, mobilized students and caring people to claim caring wool and knit warm sweaters with caring.

In order to ensure the smooth development of this public welfare activity, the General Party Branch of the Second Experimental Primary School of Guiyang has developed a special love weaving plan, claiming 200 kilograms of love wool as soon as possible, and mobilizing teachers and students of grades one and two to actively participate in the activity and use Knit sweaters in my spare time. According to statistics, a total of 122 families in the school participated in the event, and knitted 324 finished sweaters, woolen pants, shoes, socks, gloves, scarves and other items.

During the day of the event, the loving family donated knitted love sweaters. The school will send some of the received love items to Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region before December 30, and the other part will be sent to the school's counterpart to help the area. (Reporter Huang Qiuyue of Guiyang Daily Rongrong Media)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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