2019 Provincial Party Committee Military Conference held and hosted by Sun Zhigang

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On December 25, the 2019 Provincial Party Committee Army Meeting was held in Guiyang. The meeting emphasized that we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's strong military thinking, effectively strengthen the "four consciousness", consciously and firmly "four self-confidence", resolutely achieve "two maintenances", and further promote political building, reforming the strong army, and promoting the development of science and technology. The army, administering the army according to law, faithfully fulfilling their duties, forging ahead, and striving to open up a new era of party-controlled armed work in a new era.

Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Military Region presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Yu Yiqin made a speech. Provincial Standing Committee members, the provincial government, and relevant comrades in charge of the provincial military region attended the meeting. Li Hui, a political commissar of the provincial military region, reported on the construction of the province's national defense reserve force since 2018. The first secretary of the party committee of each military district (guard zone) wrote in written reports for the party to control the armed work.

Sun Zhigang pointed out that in recent years, the Party Committees of the Provincial Military Regions and the various military districts (guard zones) have adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics and Xi Jinping's strong military thinking, and have resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to fully implement Party management. Armed with various systems, the political direction is firmly secured, troop training and preparations are being tightened, troop reforms are well implemented, disciplined style is good, service places are close, and national defense mobilization and reserve forces have achieved new results.

Sun Zhigang emphasized that adherence to the party's control of the armed forces is the fundamental principle of our party's fine traditions and the building of armed forces. Strengthening the "four consciousness", firming the "four self-confidences", achieving "two safeguards", and implementing the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission are the biggest politics in the new era when the party controls the armed forces. All levels of the military and the field must firmly grasp the fundamental requirements of "two safeguards", strictly clarify the party's discipline over armed discipline, strengthen the party's absolute leadership, strengthen ideological armed forces, clarify duties and missions, and strictly abide by procedural rules to ensure the absolute loyalty of the armed forces. It is necessary to firmly grasp the characteristics of the system of separation of war and construction, speed up the establishment of links between the party and the armed forces, and ensure high-quality services for the main battle and construction. We must firmly grasp the fundamental functions of preparing for war, strengthen practical training and environment creation, and ensure that we can win a war. It is necessary to firmly grasp the strategic focus of military-civilian integration, focus on project construction, strengthen project planning and generation, superior product cultivation, product market development, and guarantee of organizational elements to ensure the goal of strengthening the military and enriching the people. It is necessary to firmly grasp the mission of the responsibility of the party to control the armed forces, strengthen the organization to promote the implementation of responsibilities, and ensure that the various arrangements of the party to control the armed forces are implemented.

Qi Yiqin pointed out that the province's military and military levels at all levels should further improve their political positions, profoundly understand the significance of national defense mobilization, closely focus on achieving the party's goal of a strong army in the new era, and work together to prepare for war and improve the core capabilities of national defense mobilization. Persist in military-civilian integration and build a strong foundation for national defense mobilization; based on the combination of construction and use, give play to the comprehensive benefits of national defense mobilization, and comprehensively improve the quality level of national defense mobilization development. Governments at all levels should implement the main responsibility, rationalize the working mechanism, strengthen policy guarantees, create a good situation in the development and development of national defense mobilization, and push the province's national defense mobilization work to a new level.

The meeting reviewed in writing the "Work Plan for Guizhou Revolutionary Military Museum." Responsible comrades of the provincial military districts, military districts (guard zones) and relevant provincial departments attended the meeting.

(Xu Shaoting)

Editor-in-chief: Wei Jindou

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