Kaiyang County takes various measures to improve rural human settlements

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Guiyang Net News On December 25, the author learned from the "Three Changes" Office of Kaiyang County that the county took the "Thousand Villages Renovation and One Hundred Villages Demonstration" as its starting point and made efforts to implement "three cleansing, one reform, two demolition and three transformations" and "seven "Big project" construction, to improve the quality of rural human settlements, and adopt the "five catches and five strong" work method to do a good job of rural settlement improvement.

Organize guarantees and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. Seriously implement the requirements for the improvement of the rural human settlements environment, set up a rural human settlements environmental improvement work leading group with the main leadership of the county party committee and county government as the double team leader, and a special class of "1000 village renovation · 100 village demonstration" work group, and set up a leadership group office to implement We have established institutions and personnel, established a joint conference system, clarified departmental responsibilities, compacted township and town responsibilities, and formed a co-managed work pattern for counties, townships, and villages.

Promote publicity and intensify public opinion. Adhere to the masses as the main body and focus of work, carry out all-round, deep-seated, and multi-angled propaganda and mobilization. Make full use of Kaiyang launch, Kaiyang TV station, WeChat, QQ, LED electronic display, publicity bar, publicity banner, etc. for publicity. At the same time, measures such as printing and issuing environmental protection initiatives, posting slogans, publicizing health conventions, and setting up publicity bulletin boards have been adopted to increase the publicity of the improvement of the rural environment and create a strong atmosphere for public participation.

Strengthen regional improvement and strengthen environmental improvement. With the goal of improving the appearance of villages and villages, centralized clean-up and rectification of the random push and release behavior of the villages along the county highways. At the same time, the county has completed the planning of villages with more than 30 households in 1,241 settlements in the county, and the planning results have been incorporated into the village planning of Guiyang City, and guided the townships to carry out project construction and house control. Up to now, the county has cleared a total of 18,000 tons of rural domestic waste, more than 7,600 tons of agricultural waste, 1,225 tons of silt, 1,324 kilometers of ditches, 203 ponds, and 183 broken walls, and 205 abandoned buildings have been demolished. The rural environment has improved significantly.

Focus on departmental integration and strengthen capital investment. Establish a multi-input mechanism for government, collectives, farmers and social forces, and sign an "EPC" cooperation framework agreement with Guangxi Bosco to implement general contracting for design, construction and procurement. Coordinate and integrate the financial funds of 396 million yuan from all levels and departments for the renovation of thousands of villages and make up for the shortcomings of the rural living environment.

Strengthening system guarantee and strengthening management innovation. A rural human settlement environment improvement plan and a demonstration village implementation plan were formulated, and target responsibility letters were signed at various levels to ensure that the target tasks were clear, work was carried out in an orderly manner, and responsibilities were effectively implemented. Develop a system of dispatch supervision, assessment rewards and punishments, information reporting, etc., link the monthly assessment results and the situation of inspection and unannounced visits to the allocation of work expenses of all units, and incorporate them into the year-end target assessment to jointly build a common home with a common home. (Correspondent Yang Gang)

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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