Kaiyang multi-departmental alliance-remediation of campus and surrounding environment

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Guiyang Net News On December 24, Kaiyang County Party Committee's Politics and Law Committee joined the county education bureau, county emergency management bureau, county market supervision bureau, county traffic police brigade, county fire brigade and other department units to carry out centralized renovation of the winter campus and surrounding environment in 2019.

On that day, the staff went to Kaiyang No. 5 Middle School, Kaiyang No. 1 Middle School, Kaiyang No. 2 Primary School, Kaiyang No. 5 Primary School, Kaiyang No. 6 Primary School, and Nanxing Kindergarten, focusing on the campus cafeteria and surrounding street shops and security staffing. And the use of equipment, security hazards existing around the campus, and so on.

The centralized rectification started from December 24 to December 30, and the township (town) schools are led by the township (town) government to implement and take charge of comprehensive self-examination and rectification of all schools in the area under their jurisdiction. The rectification includes all kinds of illegal and criminal activities that infringe on the personal and property safety of teachers and students, as well as rogue groups and underworld forces that may exist on and around the campus; signage, signal lights, and other facilities and traffic order around the campus; campus safety investigations, and cafeteria hygiene Security etc.

The purpose of this centralized rectification is to further strengthen the comprehensive management of public security in primary and secondary schools in and around the county, severely crack down on various types of illegal and criminal activities that infringe on the personal safety of teachers and students and theft and damage to campus facilities, and comprehensively implement various measures for the comprehensive management of campus public security. In time, all kinds of hidden safety hazards in the campus and surrounding areas should be eliminated in a timely manner, and the long-term management mechanism of the campus and surrounding environment should be improved to create a good education environment for the school.

(Xia Rongmei, Li Yangming, reporter from Guiyang Daily Media)

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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