Huaxi District: carefully crafted "fun" classroom to escort children after school safety

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The picture shows the third grade pupils in the Mengguan Center making grain paintings in a manual class.

At 3:30 pm on December 25th, in the handicraft class completed at the Mengguan Center in Huaxi District, under the guidance of the teacher, the children stacked the cute "goldfish" with sheets of white paper, and used grains of grain stickers. Beautiful flowers came out ...

"Playing is the nature of children. For more than a year, we have worked hard on the word" music "and have offered various special lessons and interest classes for children participating in the" music boy project ", so that children of different ages can enjoy the "Fun" in fun activities. At present, all the school's 1,209 students have participated in the "Happy Kids" activity. "Meng Guanwan Primary School Principal Chen Yan said, in response to Guiyang City's" Happy Kids Program ", the school "Children" time period to open paper, play mud, play with grains, play with beads, play with threads, play with cloth and other manual lessons and singing and dancing, calligraphy, Lusheng and other interest activities, so that children can find their own fun, promote healthy and happy students growing up.

"My grandson and grandson have been participating in the school's" Le Tong "activity since the first grade. I was especially pleased to see that the doll learns to make crafts under the guidance of a teacher, which not only enhances the ability to use it, but also expands its knowledge." Said the grandmother of Zhao Yuetianyu, a second-year student in second grade.

The small and characteristic activities of the Mengguan Center are just a microcosm of the "Children's Project" in Huaxi District.

The “Children's Plan” is an important livelihood project of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in response to “the people have their own needs, and I should respond”, and is an important measure to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education on doing good after-school service for primary and middle school students. Free, government-led, school-based approach to all students in need of hosting in all public compulsory education schools and inclusive non-boarding private compulsory education schools in the city.

Since the "Children's Program" was launched in May last year, Huaxi District has continuously strengthened overall planning, established mechanisms, increased publicity, and optimized services to ensure that students in the compulsory education stage are free of charge after-school work. District compulsory education students free after-school hosting service "Happy Children's Plan" Implementation Opinions "Huaxi District compulsory education students after-school free hosting service" Children's Program "Implementation Details", including "Children's Program" to create a fair and shared innovation center The important task of the city is to establish a district and school linkage post-school trust work organization guarantee mechanism. The district government and the Education Bureau are responsible for the planning, guidance and supervision of the district's post-school trust work; the relevant schools set up an organizational structure, formulate implementation plans, and follow The "one school, one case" formulates the implementation plan and emergency plan for escrow, clarifies the supervision measures, and improves the system to achieve a clear division of labor and responsibilities to the people. Parents worry.

In order to further increase the publicity of the "Happy Child Program", let the masses know about the hosting service, and enhance the understanding and understanding of parents and society, the Huaxi District Education Bureau has promoted the free hosting service policy to the general public by holding faculty and parent mobilization meetings in various schools Teachers and parents propagandize, and also publicize the content and time schedule of the custody, and sign a custody agreement with parents according to the semester, and establish a custody team mainly organized by school teachers, with a reasonable structure and quantity and quality to meet the needs, and organize Students carry out stylistic activities such as calligraphy, reading, dance, and football. Up to now, the participation rate of the "Happy Children's Program" in compulsory education schools in Huaxi District has reached 90%.

(Zhan Yanwen / Picture , Guiyang Daily News Media )

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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