Premiere of the micro-film "Ma Jintao" restores the life of hero Ma Jintao

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Guiyang Net News On December 23, the micro-film "Ma Jintao", which was based on the sacrifice of policeman Ma Jintao for the sake of work, officially premiered at Lumiere Studios in Huaxi District.

Ma Jintao was a grass-roots policeman at the Guizhu Police Station of Huaxi Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang City. On December 20, 2018, he was stabbed with a sharp weapon by a criminal suspect during the arrest of a criminal suspect in a drug-related case. Rescue by the hospital was invalid, and he died at 18:20 on December 20, 2018. He was only 30 years old.

In order to further publicize the heroic deeds of Comrade Ma Jintao, to truly restore the life of the hero Ma Jintao, let more people understand the story behind the hero, and understand the lofty spirit of Comrade Ma Jintao's endless life and endless fighting. On July 22, by the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee Guidance from the Political and Legal Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, and the micro-film "Ma Jintao" jointly produced by the Guiyang Public Security Bureau, Guiyang Radio and Television Station, and the Propaganda Department of the Huaxi District Committee started shooting in Guiyang.

The micro-film "Ma Jintao" vividly reproduces the heroic feelings of his love for the masses, enthusiastic service, love for the people, fairness and loyalty through the daily description of Ma Jintao's work during his lifetime, showing his lofty spirit of endless life and constant fighting, and showing Guiyang The public security police strictly implement the general requirements of public security work in the new era of "loyalty to the party, service to the people, fair law enforcement, and strict discipline." They serve the people wholeheartedly, not forgetting their original professionalism and firm determination to ward off evil.

At present, the micro-film "Ma Jintao" has been launched on Tencent video.

(Sun Cao, Zhan Yan, Guiyang Daily Press Media)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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