"Jiaxiu Nanming" promotional film appeared in New York "Chinese screen"

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Guiyang Network News A few days ago, Nanming District's city image publicity film appeared for the first time on the "China Screen" in Times Square, New York, USA. From December 21st this year to January 2nd, 2020, a 30-second promotional video of the city image of Nanming District will be played in a loop on the "China Screen".

It is understood that Times Square is known as the "Crossroads of the World" and is a gathering place for global media and tourists. The "China Screen", located on the top of the Times Square tower in New York, broadcasts the Chinese theme melody throughout the year and has become an important window for major cities and enterprises in the country to show their image. Nanming District's city image publicity film appeared on the "China Screen", which fully proved Nanming's development strength.

"The south of Guishan is full of capacity." Nanming District is one of the central urban areas of Guiyang City. It has a three-dimensional transportation network interconnected by aviation, railway and highways. The annual average temperature is about 18 ° C, and the annual excellent air quality rate is 95%. Tour, livable city. Through the three chapters of "New and Old, Dynamic and Quiet, Strength and Softness", the Nanming District City Image Promotional Film presents a colorful picture of life, showing the changes of Nanming District from ancient times to the present, and highlights the unprecedented development of Nanming District. , The charm of the city that has been playing for years, playing against time.

In recent years, Nanming District has given full play to its location advantages, centering on the spatial layout of "one river, four roads, two parks, two districts, and six business districts", based on its positioning as an "international high-end consumer goods industry and trade integrated demonstration zone" to seize opportunities. Based on the approach of “creating a real economy integrated development zone, an urban demonstration first demonstration zone, and a social governance innovation application zone”, it is driven by innovation and deep integration to promote the high-end consumption and the high-end manufacturing to go hand in hand. Promote high-quality economic development. The district has been selected as one of the Top 100 National Sci-Tech Innovation Zones and the Top 100 Green Development Zones for five consecutive years.

The picture shows the Nanming District city image publicity film appearing in the "China Screen" of Times Square in New York. (Reporter Shi Chuanxi / Ran Tinglin / Wen Nanming District Rongmedia Center / Photo)

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