Nanming District selects and dispatches cadres and police "baobaoloudong" to serve the masses

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Guiyang Network News On December 24, the 2019 Nanming District public institution selection and cadre business training class held the opening ceremony. After a three-day training, Nanming District will select and transfer more than 50 business cadres and 24 police officers to sink into the residents of Huaguoyuan District in the form of "baobaolou", listening to the opinions of the masses, understanding their demands, and serving the masses. Provide policy services. This marks a new level of grass-roots team construction in the Huaguoyuan area.

This training course is in line with the latest business knowledge in terms of content setting, closely linked to the actual work of the Huaguoyuan area, combined with grid management work, regime organization and community construction, conflict resolution, national security, social security prevention and control, civil service, The 15 basic business contents such as employment guidance, grassroots comprehensive governance construction, and medical insurance and social security are taught through classroom lectures and seminar-based teaching methods, so that selected officials and police can become familiar with the situation of the Huaguo area as soon as possible, and adapt to job requirements.

The training course requires that in the future work, cadres and police officers should conscientiously learn theoretical knowledge, be familiar with the basic conditions of the Huaguoyuan area, and effectively improve their professional ability; they must strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of the officers, strengthen the sense of purpose for serving the people, and strengthen integrity Construction and style training, strengthening of business quality and capacity enhancement, strengthening the "three views" of the cadre team, better contact with people serving the Huaguoyuan area, opening up the "last mile" serving the people, and helping the economic and social development of the Huaguoyuan area. (Yu Shuang, Xu Qiaoying, Ran Tinglin, a media reporter from Guiyang Daily)

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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