Stick to innovation and break through in transformation! Tax and fee cuts boost manufacturing development confidence

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In 2019, a larger scale of tax and fee reductions will focus on the real economy, especially increasing support for manufacturing, and a series of tax and fee reduction policies such as deepening value-added tax reform, which will effectively stimulate corporate development confidence and innovation vitality. Entrepreneurship hotspot, promote more manufacturing enterprises to continue to advance in the field of high-end manufacturing, and enhance China's economic international competitiveness.

Stick to the transition:

Tax cuts help China's high-end manufacturing "go global"

In Xuzhou, the "capital of China's construction machinery", XCMG's intelligent manufacturing base for large tonnage loaders has become a beautiful scenery along the high-speed railway. Here, various types of advanced manufacturing equipment work in concert, and through an intelligent production line that runs efficiently, hundreds of steel plates and structural parts "reborn" have become high-quality platform loading machinery and sent to all parts of the world. On the morning of August 12, 2019, XCMG Group's 4000-ton crawler crane XGC88000, which is known as the "first crane in the world," was ready to sail to Saudi Arabia to participate in the construction of the "Belt and Road" project.

In recent years, with the strong support of favorable policies such as national tax reduction and fee reduction, XCMG Group adheres to the main business of construction machinery, continuously increases research and investment in intelligent manufacturing, successfully realizes industrial transformation and upgrading, and carefully builds Chinese independent equipment brands. It has maintained the first place in China's construction machinery industry for 30 years. It is the only company in the industry that has been awarded the China Industrial Award and the National Quality Award by the country. It has entered the top 10 global construction machinery manufacturers for many years.

In December 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Xugong Group during his inspection tour in Jiangsu. He emphasized that China is so large that it must always attach great importance to the development and expansion of the real economy, and cannot take a single development and deviate from reality. To develop the real economy, we must do a good job in manufacturing. At present, we must pay particular attention to innovation drive and master and use key technologies.

Innovation is the root of XCMG and the soul of XCMG. In 2019, larger-scale tax and fee reduction policies and measures focus on the real economy. For manufacturing companies such as XCMG, the reduction of the applicable VAT rate from 16% to 13% is a major benefit. From April to October 2019, XCMG Group enjoyed RMB 171,490,900 of value-added tax reduction and reduction of various additional taxes and fees of RMB 20,587,900, and it is expected that various taxes and fees will be reduced by RMB 420 million throughout the year.

"In 2019, deepening the value-added tax reform is a very good development opportunity for companies like XCMG, which has greatly eased our funding pressure and allowed us to have more abundant funds for technology research and development, and promote enterprises to accelerate the Internet, big data, The deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy of the manufacturing industry. With such a good environment, we are very confident to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. "Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of Xugong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. praised the reduction of taxes and fees.

The tax and fee reductions brought "real money" to XCMG, and the company invested more of the saved funds in technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and digital transformation. From January to October 2019, XCMG's R & D investment was 2.974 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.94%. Tax and fee reductions have become a booster for XCMG to impact the first-party team of international equipment manufacturing.

In the course of sailing overseas, XCMG Group did not understand the tax system of the investing country, which caused the same income to face double taxation risks, which caused troubles for enterprises to “go global”. The Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, Xuzhou Municipality, set up a service expert team to focus on the selected business backbone of XCMG Group, and "specialized account specialists" to carry out policy promotion and tax payment services. "The efficient service of the tax department promptly solved our tax-related difficulties in exploring overseas markets, allowing the group to work more confidently and boldly," said Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG Group.

At present, XCMG products are exported to 183 countries and regions, among which 35 have the largest export share, and product sales cover 97% of countries along the “Belt and Road”. The total annual export and overseas revenue continue to rank first in the Chinese industry. ; Owns 15 global manufacturing bases such as Brazil manufacturing base, KD (piece assembly) factory and joint venture, and acquires 3 European companies including Schwein Germany.

From the East African Expressway to the Maldives Cross-sea Bridge, from Kazakhstan's "Bright Avenue" to the Qatar World Cup stadium, with the help of tax and fee reductions, XCMG's "big moves" frequently appeared: "The world's first crane" and "China first "Digging", the world's largest tonnage dump truck ... One "big country heavy machine" stepped off the production line and became a new business card for China's equipment manufacturing industry going global.

Breakthrough in innovation:

Tax and fee cuts help China Offshore increase confidence in risk resistance

In the western South China Sea, with the ballast of Asia ’s largest barge “Offshore Oil 229”, Dongfang 13-2 high-temperature and high-pressure gas integrated processing platform, the second largest offshore oil and gas platform in China, is officially settled in the western South China Sea. As a veritable marine super project, the 18,000-ton Dongfang 13-2CEPB platform is manufactured by China Shipping Furu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. located in Gaolan Port, Zhuhai.

China Shipping Fluor Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, mainly manufacturing large-scale offshore oil and gas production and processing blocks. In 2018, due to the sluggish international oil prices and competitors' low bids, the company only received 10 million yuan in production orders, not even one-thousandth of the annual production capacity, which seriously affected the international market share of products and enterprises. Capital operation. For China Shipping Fluor, 2019 is a very challenging year. How to get out of the predicament is a difficult problem facing the company.

"The normal production cycle of the product is basically 1 to 3 years. In 2018, we only received 10 million orders. With the end of the previous two years, a large number of products are exported in 2019. The main export is 'other steel structures and components'. There has always been a 3% tax refund difference, and the company's capital turnover is difficult. "Said Pu Hongwei, financial manager of China Shipping.

In 2019, the deepening of the implementation of the value-added tax reform has brought about a turn for the development of enterprises. "The reduction of taxes and fees sent us timely rain. The reduction of the value-added tax rate eliminated the company's 3% tax difference and reduced the company's export product project cost by 18 million yuan. It is expected that the project cost will be reduced by 31 million yuan throughout the year. This greatly Reduced our capital occupation cost, the company's capital turnover rate has further improved, and its own competitiveness has continued to increase. "Pu Hongwei said.

With the successive introduction of a series of national tax and fee reduction policies, the tax and fee reduction dividends have been continuously released, injecting a strong impetus into the development of enterprises. In 2018, the policy of refunding tax credits at the end of the value-added tax period was issued, and China Shipping Fluor received a tax refund of 114 million yuan. In 2019, even greater scale of tax and fee reductions is unprecedented, and it is even more important for companies. In 2019, through active bidding and technical strategy to lower the bidding price, China Shipping Fluor has won orders for a total of 4.5 billion yuan from Canada, Britain and other projects.

"The gradual shift of offshore oil engineering manufacturing industry to China has become an inevitable trend. Tax cuts and fees have helped China Shipping Fluor Light to enter the battlefield. It is expected that companies in 2019 will enjoy an estimated policy bonus of 34 million yuan. Blessing, we have the ability and confidence to become the world's leading manufacturer of high-end offshore engineering equipment. "Said Li Xin, CFO of CNOOC.

Witness in development:

Taiwanese enterprises take advantage of tax and fee cuts to expand the international market for air compressors

In the early 1990s, high-speed economic growth, preferential tax policies, and an increasingly perfect market order attracted Taiwanese businessman Han Yinghuan to invest and set up factories in Xiamen Special Economic Zone. After 28 years of deep cultivation in the mainland, he has taken root in Xiamen after several career developments.

Forty years of reform and opening up, Han Yinghuan has been a witness, participant, promoter and beneficiary. "At the beginning of the 1990s, the beneficiary of Taiwan's policies attracted us. Now it's almost 30 years. With the support of the national good policy, the company's products and brands have developed rapidly. Both quality and output are among the best in the country. "Recalling the growth of the company over the years, Han Yinghuan, currently the executive vice chairman of Xiamen Taiwan Businessmen Association and chairman of Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., is still vividly remembered.

In recent years, in order to cope with the ever-changing domestic and foreign market competition, enterprises have continuously accelerated their transformation and upgrading. As the earliest group of Taiwanese business enterprises coming to the mainland, what kind of challenges will East Asian Machinery face?

"Industrial development must pay close attention to key core technologies in order to become larger and stronger. For this reason, we invest a lot of money each year in product technology research and development, and add automation equipment. This is a great financial pressure for enterprises." Starting from scratch To become a large domestic industrial enterprise, with the repeated exploration of Han Yinghuan and the company's team, East Asia Machinery now produces nearly 50,000 Jaguar air compressors each year, with annual sales of more than 500 million yuan. Become the top five domestic and internationally renowned air compressor manufacturers.

Behind the company's strong growth over the past three decades is the precise "drip irrigation" of a series of national policies.

"Tax reductions and cost reductions have provided great financial assistance for our enterprises to realize intelligent production. Through tax deductions such as R & D expenses plus deductions, export tax rebates, and Taiwan benefits policies, we can save nearly 10 million yuan in taxes and fees." Han Yinghuan said that the country introduced a policy to further expand the scope of deferred taxation policy introduced last year, and the company timely enjoyed a deferred taxation policy of 4,112,100 yuan. After the implementation of the large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction policy this year, the value-added tax alone will reduce the company's taxation by 5 million yuan.

"The saved cost can be used for R & D automation production, investment in CNC sheet metal equipment and welding robots. This also gives us more confidence to achieve the goal of more than 80% intelligent production by 2025, and contribute to the reform and development of the country. "Han Yinghuan is proud of the company's future development and planning.

Nowadays, Xiamen is attracting more and more investment and entrepreneurship by virtue of its good business environment and favorable policies for benefiting enterprises. Han Yinghuan, deputy director of the Xiamen Taiwan Business Association, often said: "Now, I often tell young people in Taiwan that the past 30 years are ours, and the next 30 years are yours. The country's reform and development, we must not be absent!

Source: Jiangsu Tax, Guangdong Tax, Xiamen Tax

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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