[The 90th Anniversary of the Gutian Conference] The Resolution of Glorious Road to Create the Party and Political Army

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CCTV News: Today, 90 years ago, on December 28, 1929, Mao Zedong held a meeting in Gutian Town, Shanghang County, Fujian Province to explore the glorious road of "ideological party building and political army building". On October 31, 2014, President Xi Jinping hosted an army political work conference in Gutian. Starting from Gutian, he studied and decided on major issues for the party to build its army ideologically and politically under new historical conditions. History can often be seen more clearly after time has passed. Today is the 90th anniversary of the Gutian Conference. Let us first review history together.

On December 14, 1929, Mao Zedong and Zhu De led the Red Army to station in Gutian Town. On December 28, the Ninth National Congress of the Fourth Red Army of the Communist Party of China opened at the Liao Family Ancestral Hall in Xibei Village, Gutian Town. All representatives unanimously passed the Resolution of the Gutian Conference drafted by Mao Zedong.

The "Gutian Conference Resolution" clearly states that the Red Army is not purely warfare. In addition to fighting to destroy the enemy's military forces, it must also undertake to propagate the masses, organize the masses, arm the masses, help the masses establish a revolutionary regime, and even establish a Communist Party organization. And other major tasks.

The ideological essence of the Gutian Conference is to build the party by thought and build the army by politics

History can often be seen more clearly after time has settled down. Then we invite experts to interpret the practical significance of the Gutian spirit for us. The studio invited Associate Professor Fan Hanjie of National Defense University. Professor Fan welcomes you.

Why is the essence of the Gutian Conference ideological to build the party and political to build the army?

Associate Professor Fan Hanjie of National Defense University: The most important historical contribution of the Gutian Conference was to create a glorious road of ideological party building and political army building. There is a specific background in it. It was some controversy before the Gutian Conference in 1929. On the surface, it was a problem within the Red Fourth Army Party. In essence, it was a major problem facing the focus of the Chinese Revolution after the city shifted to the countryside. That is to say, after the Red Army entered the countryside, with little working class in the base areas, how to keep the party with peasants as the main body always maintaining the nature of the proletariat. Comrade Mao Zedong advocated that these peasant party members were Bolsheviks through ideological education and political training. This process of transforming and overcoming non-proletarian ideology with proletarian ideology is ideological party building. The "Gutian Conference Resolution" dealt with 16 issues, 9 of which were ideological issues. The fundamental thing is to correct the non-proletarian ideas within the party. By grasping ideological construction, we have grasped the fundamentals of party building.

The so-called political army building is the party to lead and command this army, making the army a loyal tool for accomplishing the party's political tasks. The Gutian Conference established the fundamental principle of the party's absolute leadership over the army theoretically and systematically. For the first time, our army was shaped as a new type of people's army serving the people wholeheartedly, and it formed our own unique political character. It is from Gutian that adherence to the party ’s absolute leadership over the army has truly become the foundation of our army and the soul of a strong army, and has gradually developed into a significant advantage of our national system and national governance system after the founding of our country.

What is the practical significance of learning to carry forward the spirit of the Gutian Conference?

Associate Professor Fan Hanjie of National Defense University: One is to help us think deeply about where and why we started. By studying the spirit of the Gutian Conference, we can relive the glorious history of our party and our army and accept ideological baptism in order to facilitate better progress.

The second is to remind us to answer the important historical issue of the new era. The "Gutian Conference Resolution" shines forever because the fundamental problems it solves are actually eternal issues for the construction of our party and our army. Chairman Xi emphasized: "Facing the new situation and tasks, and facing the outstanding problems existing in the ideological and political construction of the army, we need to review the principles of ideological and party-building and political establishment established by the Gutian Conference to strengthen and improve military political work in the new situation. To provide a strong political guarantee for achieving the goal of a strong military. "The older generation of revolutionaries made a series of scientific judgments about the party's leadership and party building, the nature and purpose of the army, the relationship between the party and the army, and the relationship between politics and the military, and its value. Not only has it not weakened with time, on the contrary, under the new historical conditions, the ideological penetrating power beyond the times has become more apparent. It has important guiding significance for us to keep a clear head, build and master the army ideologically and politically in the new era.

The third is to help improve our thinking methods. The "Gutian Conference Resolution" is the product of the combination of the general principles of Marxism and the actual construction of our party and our army, which fully reflects the excellent thinking quality of the Chinese Communists and the scientific worldview methodology. The content of the resolution adheres to a clear problem-oriented and spirit of struggle with wrong ideas. These are all currently needed, and it is worth our good study and practice.

Editor-in-chief: Wei Jindou

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