[Xi Jinping's "Five Golden Sentences" of the Year] The theme education must be realistic

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[During the course of learning] In 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping uttered many "golden sentences" containing the power of truth, ideological power, wisdom power and personality power on different occasions. It hit people's hearts and was unforgettable. Xinhua News Agency's "Learning Progress" original brand column "Classroom" looks back to the whole year through "Golden Sentences" and tastes with you.

In July of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected and guided the implementation of the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind” in Inner Mongolia, and once again emphasized implementation and practical results, and “theme education must be real and not falter.” This sentence became the core sentence that hit the heart.

"Catch the implementation" is one of the 12 requirements of theme education. Whether it is to stay true to the original intention, take on a mission, or find a gap, it must ultimately be implemented.

Looking back on the whole year, a series of intensive meetings, local investigations and investigations, and important instructions were issued ... Xi Jinping did his best, drinking water, tracing back to his original heart, and making every effort to promote the theme education work to develop solidly and step by step.

To achieve implementation, we must re-emphasize practical results. On many occasions, Xi Jinping beat the formalism and bureaucracy of "up and down":

—— At the conference of party building work between the central government and state organs, Xi Jinping demanded to continue to deepen the "four winds" work and resolutely overcome formalism and bureaucracy;

——During his inspection in Gansu, Xi Jinping emphasized that he should continue to strengthen and improve his work style, do a good job of reducing the burden on the grassroots level, and resolutely overcome formalism and bureaucracy;

—— During his inspection in Henan, Xi Jinping put forward the need to pay attention to classified guidance, abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, pay attention to reducing the burden on the grassroots, pay attention to opening doors and grasp education, and pay attention to solving the most urgent and most pressing issues of the masses;

—— During his inspection in Shanghai, Xi Jinping emphasized that the theme education cannot be learned, talked or done;


2019 is a year of grassroots offload. Xi Jinping emphasized during his investigation and investigation in Jiangxi that he should resolutely rectify formalism and bureaucracy, and strengthen the construction of a hard work style.

We must abstain from formalism and bureaucracy.

Leading cadres at all levels are the key to carrying out thematic education. On the eve of the party ’s 98th birthday, the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee held its fifteenth collective study on “remembering the mission of the original heart and promoting self-revolution”. Xi Jinping emphasized when conducting the study that we must stick to the problem-oriented approach and solve the problem with real swords.

Communists are the most serious, and to be serious is to focus on the word "real".

In 2019, the fight against poverty is "the time when you are most strenuous." Xi Jinping pointed out during the deliberations of the Gansu delegation at the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress to ensure that the poverty reduction work is pragmatic, the poverty reduction process is solid, and the results of poverty reduction are real. During the investigation and investigation in Chongqing, he also emphasized that it is necessary to do the work in depth and do it in practice.

In 2019, the momentum will be changed in a comprehensive way. Xi Jinping hosted the ninth meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive and Deepening Reform and emphasized that it is necessary to closely integrate education with the theme of “not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”, and promote reform to make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, activation, and implementation.

In 2019, opportunities and challenges coexist. Xi Jinping emphasized at the education conference on the theme of “Do n’t forget the original intention and remember the mission” that education guides the broad masses of party members and cadres with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission to maintain a stance of striving only for the day and the day, and the more difficult they are, the more difficult they are The spirit of struggle should be implemented with nails.


To be real, don't flicker up and down. Grasping implementation and seeking practical results is not only an important yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of the theme education, but also the consistent philosophy and actions of Xi Jinping's governing the country.

(Reporter Zhang Minyan drawing Cheng Yuanyuan)

Editor-in-chief: Wei Jindou

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