Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed railway starts selling tickets for 350 kilometers per hour of autonomous driving trains

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The reporter learned from the National Railway Group that the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will be officially opened tomorrow (30th). The Olympic branch line Chongli Railway will be completed and put into operation at the same time. The first Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed train will start at 8:30 tomorrow morning. At 18:00 on the 28th, Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed rail tickets will be on sale.

The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway is an important part of the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network in China's "Medium and Long-term Railway Network Planning" from Beijing to Lanzhou. The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway leads from Beijing North Station, with a total length of 174 kilometers and a maximum design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. At the Xiahuayuan Station, the Olympic branch line Chongli Railway is divided.

After the operation, the fastest running time from Beijing North Station to Prince Edward City is 1 hour and 04 minutes, and the fastest running time from Zhangjiakou to Beijing will be reduced from the current 3 hours and 7 minutes to 47 minutes.

Beijing-Zhangzhou High-speed Rail Intelligent Train: Easy Driving with Autonomous Driving

The Beijing-Zhang high-speed train is an intelligent Fuxing EMU train. Compared with ordinary high-speed trains, what are the differences between intelligent trains?

The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway intelligent train is divided into two versions, the standard version and the Olympic version. As an upgraded version of the Fuxing EMU, the standard version of the train has added intelligent modules to minimize the labor intensity of the driver. Departure automatically, run automatically in the interval, stop automatically at the station, automatically open the door when parking, door and platform linkage. For passengers, intelligent systems can also bring more convenience.

Zhang Bo, deputy director of the Locomotive and Rolling Stock Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences: For example, before we prepare to get on the bus from the outside, you can see which side of the car the seat number is so that you can find the nearest location to get on the car. The light adjustment in the car also realizes intelligent control. For example, when entering a tunnel, the lights can be adjusted automatically when there is no one, so that passengers can feel more comfortable.

Thousands of sensors are installed on the body of the intelligent train, just like carrying a doctor on board, to perform a physical examination at any time to ensure safe operation. The train power supply system also adopted the wheel-rail robot inspection for the first time, breaking the limitations of previous manual inspections.

Wang Guangdong, Chief Engineer of Beijing-Zhangzhou High-speed Rail Electrification Project of China Railway Electrification Bureau: The highest voltage of high-speed trains is 220,000 volts. Manual inspection is not allowed to approach. Inspection robots can perform an online monitoring of the equipment through fixed tracks, including video surveillance. , Infrared temperature measurement and noise and gas monitoring, and can automatically analyze, upload in time, remove faults, and ensure high-speed rail operation safety.

Olympic version of the intelligent train, the interior of the compartment can be seen everywhere Olympic elements, at the junction of the compartment, specially designed ski equipment storage, passengers can scan the QR code to access the skis; after the official operation, the intelligent train will also install mobile news The center is convenient for Chinese and foreign reporters to report on the Winter Olympics. Passengers can sit on the train and watch live Olympic programs at any time. (CCTV reporter Zheng Liankai)

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