Chen Yan chaired the Guiyang Gui'an Road Interconnection Planning and Construction Working Conference

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Guiyang Network News On December 29, Chen Yan, deputy secretary and mayor of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Guizhou New District Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee, hosted a working meeting on the planning and construction of the Guian Road Interconnection in Guiyang to study and deploy the Guian Road in Guiyang. Relevant work related to connectivity, stressing the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, the Central Economic Work Conference, the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Eighth Plenary Session of the Tenth Municipal Committee, unify thinking, raise awareness, organize carefully, and push forward with all efforts Speed up the coordinated and integrated development of Gui'an and Gui'an with a perfect internet system.

Gui'an New District leaders Zhang Jibing and Xu Jianlong, deputy inspector Lan Yun, director of the Party Working Committee Management Committee Chen Qi; Guiyang city leaders Wang Chun, Wang Yan, Tang Xinglun, Du Zhengjun, Liu Xiaoping, and Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Xu Junsong participated.

The meeting heard reports on the planning and construction of Guantan Avenue, Taijin Line, Songbai Ring Road, Simeng Road—Mengxi Road, Jinge Road, Shubo Avenue—Taijin Line Link, and Binyang Avenue Extension. Chen Yan pointed out that advancing the interconnection of Gui'an and Gui'an roads is an important basis for accelerating the coordinated and integrated development of the two places. It is an important measure to expand effective investment and maintain the steady growth of Guiyang's economy and the rapid growth of Gui'an's economy. The strategic support for the development of new industries in the province and an important carrier for new growth poles. Relevant departments at all levels in Guiyang should raise their political standing, clarify their work tasks, perform their duties and responsibilities, and make every effort to promote the rapid start, construction, and quick results of the Guiyang Gui'an Interconnection Network Project. The coordinated and integrated development of Gui'an and Gui'an provides strong support.

Chen Yan emphasized that to strengthen organizational leadership, all members of the Guiyang Gui'an Road Interconnection Command should focus on the overall situation, be sincere and united, cooperate with each other, support each other, form a joint force, and effectively and orderly promote project construction. To optimize planning and design, based on the current and long-term perspective, co-ordinate the spatial and development resources of Gui'an, Gui'an, accelerate the construction of interconnected projects such as urban roads, rail transit, and urban express rail, and promote the realization of Gui'an's Gui'an with a sound transportation network. Prosper the city with production, promote production with the city, integrate production with the city, and coordinate development. To strengthen service guarantees, all relevant departments must open a "green channel" for project approval, special services, and immediate implementation; we must maintain the prerequisites of development and ecology to ensure that regional systemic financial risks do not occur. We will do a good job in land acquisition and fund raising in accordance with the law and regulations to provide a strong guarantee for the vigorous and rapid construction of the project. It is necessary to consolidate and compact responsibilities, in accordance with the established division of labor and clear responsibilities, urban linkage, up-and-down collaboration, refinement of the actual work plan, reversal of construction schedules, and wall charts to ensure that the project is completed and opened to traffic as scheduled.

The relevant districts (cities, counties, development zones) of Guiyang City, relevant departments of Guiyang City, Gui'an New District, and persons in charge of enterprises participated.

Guiyang Daily News Media Reporter Wu Weijian

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