Guizhou fully implements the spirit of congratulatory letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping to the 2019 China Digital Expo

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China Unicom Gui'an Cloud data center technicians inspect the micro-module inlet and outlet pipe pressure gauges in the computer room indoors. The center is the largest cloud data center built by China Unicom in the south. Photographed by Li Feng and Chen Hui, contemporary media reporter of Guizhou Daily


2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is the key year to overcome the first century-long goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the vast number of cadres and people in the province have kept in mind their entrustments, forged ahead with gratitude, worked hard, overcome difficulties, and achieved fruitful economic and social development.

A blueprint goes deep

Digitization, networking, intelligence, new technology, new business formats, new models ... The congratulatory letter of General Secretary Xi Jinping's farsightedness is the compass, fixed star and new engine of Guizhou's big data strategic action.

Big data, Guizhou's strategic choice to achieve path innovation and late catch up, laid a solid foundation for Guizhou to straighten the curve. In 2014, when the development of the industry rose, Guizhou seized the opportunity to stand on the wind. From "running" to leading, from exploration to practice, a blueprint is drawn to the end.

According to the "2019 China Big Data Industry Development Report" recently released by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, the Guizhou Big Data Industry Development Index ranks third in the country, behind Beijing and Guangdong, and ranks first in the country. Regarding policy, system, research and development, industry, and integration, no matter from which perspective, Guizhou has the right to speak.

In August of this year, the annual Top 100 Chinese Internet Enterprises were unveiled in Beijing, and Guiyang Langma Information Technology Co., Ltd. was on the list. It is the only "Internet + Medical" company in China that has advanced to the Top 100 for 4 consecutive years.

Wang Wei, chairman of Langma Information Technology Co., Ltd., said, "Langma can achieve today's results not only because we have the courage to stand up to the forefront, take the wind and break the waves, but also because we stand Above the gulf of Guizhou's development of big data! "

The sea of clouds is vast and the sky is full of stars. Those who climb the peak can always pick the stars.

In Guizhou, the digital economy has become an important growth point for high-quality development.

The growth rate of the digital economy ranks first in the country for four consecutive years, and the growth rate of digital economy absorption of employment ranks first in the country for two consecutive years, confirming that the digital economy's main industry has made a greater contribution to the province's economy.

From January to October, the province's software business revenue, electronic information manufacturing, telecommunications business, and online retail sales increased by 22.6%, 15.5%, 86.3%, and 24.9%, respectively.

This year, 52 major big data projects that were included in provincial scheduling were included. Apple iCloud Gui'an Data Center accelerated construction as planned. Huawei's data center progress exceeded 50%. Tencent's data center operation was stable in the first phase.

Guizhou's digital economy-led enterprises are growing rapidly. 233 companies and projects entered the "big 100 leading" incubator in the new field of big data. Manbang Group, Baishan Cloud, Yijingjie, Aerospace Cloud Network and other enterprises maintained double-digit and even triple-digit growth rates. Tongrenshan has entered the Guangdong market for a long time, artificial intelligence companies such as Xunfei Zhilian, Renhe Zhiyuan, blockchain companies such as Gordon Shide, Far East Integrity, and 5G application companies such as Cloudscape Cultural Tourism and Zhongsheng Technology have grown rapidly.

Digital attacking power

Big data is flourishing in Guizhou, such as Huoyuanyuan, and passionately writes the Guizhou chapter of building digital China.

A few years ago, the word big data still had a mysterious veil in the eyes of many people. Nowadays, farmers in Xiuwen County of Guiyang also enjoy the convenience brought by big data.

The kiwi production base in Xiuwen County applies big data to all links in the entire industrial chain.It not only provides precise guidance on planting at the front end, but also intervenes in warehousing and logistics, sorting and packaging, precision processing, market sales and other links, scientifically guides management and controls quality Guide sales and achieve deep integration of big data and kiwi industry.

Big data breaks through the "second pulse of the Governor" for targeted poverty alleviation, helping to understand the real poverty, helping the poor, and helping the poor.

The big data "experience" of Xiuwen farmers is a microcosm of the "Big Data +" spring in the province.

As the year passes in 2019, the "sky" of Guizhou figures will shine especially. The five major battles of digital economy, digital governance, digital people's livelihood, digital facilities, and digital security have been comprehensively advanced and vigorously launched.

The "one cloud, one network and one platform" completed and put into operation is undoubtedly the best protagonist of Guizhou's in-depth implementation of "digital governance" in 2019. The completion of the platform means that Guizhou has become the only province in the country to achieve the interconnection of all government information systems in provinces, cities, and counties. Guizhou "One Netcom Office" was praised by the State Council. Promote the openness of data sharing and the innovation of data governance in the forefront of the country. Guizhou has a solid and clear footprint.

"When ordering on a mobile phone, someone came to pick it up in a short time, which greatly facilitated the production and life of our farmers." Hu Qian, who lives in Xijiang Town, Leishan County, praised the application terminal of the "Tongcun Village" rural travel service platform in Guizhou. .

The platform has functions such as online charter, online ticket purchase, telephone hotline, rural logistics, and customized buses for students. Rural people can make inquiries and reservations for buses via mobile phones.

With big data to improve and protect people's livelihood, Guizhou has been moving forward.

In 2019, a number of national leading applications for people's livelihood emerged in Guizhou. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau launched the "One Netcom Office" for enterprise registration. The Provincial Civil Affairs Department's social assistance thematic database, through data sharing with 10 departments such as public security, poverty alleviation, and market supervision, achieves accurate portraits of the family members' composition, labor force status, and assistance status of the recipients. The Provincial Communications Department ’s highways and waterways are safe and unobstructed, and the emergency command platform ’s work efficiency for congestion judgment, information reception, and event handling has increased by 60%, and the accuracy of congestion calculation has reached more than 90%. Early disposal. "

Guizhou thunderstorm on the clouds

Big data is an era of resources, technology, and industry.

Perseverance and persistence, Guizhou has become a hot land for the development of national big data.

Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet. Enterprise selection is the "touchstone" of the market. In 2019, more than 100 big data potential growth companies were selected to settle in Guizhou, Qingdao Qidi settled in Anshun, Hikvision, Kuaishou, and Shulan Technology settled in Tongren, Qi Anxin, Langchao Group, Kobe Software, Qilian Intelligence Science and technology settled in Qiannan.

In 2019, the "10,000-enterprise integration" continued to generate new momentum for the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. A total of 102 benchmarking projects and 1,147 demonstration projects have been formed to drive the integration of 2280 enterprises. The province's big data and real economy deep integration development level index reached 39.5, an increase of 2.6 over 2018. In Guizhou's digital economy, the integration part accounts for 89.5% of our province.

Ni Wenyong, Chairman of Guizhou Xingda Xing Building Materials Co., Ltd., aims at the smart manufacturing vane: "We developed 'Zhi Zhi Zhuang' around how to use big data to integrate with traditional industries. Digitization and intelligence have greatly reduced labor costs. "In Ni Wenyong's words, intelligent manufacturing is high-quality, low-energy green manufacturing.

Geely Automobile applies the Industrial Internet to digitally control various production links and realize mixed-line production of multiple models, saving labor costs of 5 million yuan per year and shortening the product development cycle on average by more than 3 months.

Liupanshui Faer Coal Mine, the construction of intelligent fully mechanized mining face, increased production efficiency by 47%, reduced 89 employees each year, and explored a new model of coal mine big data fusion application under complex geological conditions.

In 2019, the national ranking of the integration of the two industries in Guizhou increased by 2 places compared with 2018. The penetration rate of digital R & D and design tools in key industries increased by 4.3 percentage points, and the NC rate of key processes increased by 1.6 percentage points.

Keep in mind that Guizhou is moving faster and faster and gaining praise.

The data center in Guizhou is accelerating from quantitative change to qualitative change. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has awarded Guizhou the "Southern China Data Center Demonstration Base", the second largest number of green data centers in the country.

Former World Bank President Jin Mao praised Guizhou as "the world's big data center."

"Looking" Newsweek reported: "Big data has strengthened the confidence and confidence of Guizhou to embrace the world and move towards the world."

Forge ahead with gratitude and never stop. Guizhou will work hard for a long time and continue to work hard to raise the banner of big data and make the brand of big data brighter and achieve new and greater achievements in the new era.

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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