[Jiaoxiu Comment] Grasping the ecology is the development

来源:贵州日报 Release time: 2019-12-30 09: 19Source : Guizhou Daily

In the first 11 months, the proportion of average days with excellent air quality in 9 central cities in Guizhou was 98.5%; in the first 10 months, the water quality compliance rate of centralized drinking water sources in 9 central cities in Guizhou maintained 100%; this year, the forest coverage rate in Guizhou is expected to increase 58.5%, green economy accounts for over 40% ...

The Provincial Party Committee Economic Work Conference pointed out that in 2019, the ecological environment of our province will continue to improve. The Central Eco-environmental Environmental Protection Supervisor and the "Looking Back" Feedback Issues will be effectively rectified. The "Five Campaigns" for pollution control and the "Double Ten Projects" and "Slag Production" will be promoted. Such achievements are very difficult. To do a good job of economic and social development next year, we must adhere to the priority of green development of ecology and make every effort to promote pollution prevention and ecological construction.

If the boat does not advance to the midstream, it will retreat. When we start to taste the sweetness of the construction of ecological civilization, when the battle against pollution control is faced with breaking through the barriers, the last thing we should do is try it out and stop it halfway. The ecological environment is easy to destroy and difficult to repair, and easy to control pollution. It is necessary to use the strictest system to keep the green threshold and the ecological red line. Strict rectification, strict accountability, and stricter supervision. With the most serious attitude, the most rigorous style, and the strictest discipline, we will ensure that the ecological environmental protection work is effective.

Eco-environmental protection is precious and precise, and success or failure depends on precision. Looking at Guizhou as a whole, General Secretary Xi Jinping's green development concept of "green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain" has taken root and is bearing fruit. If the protection is simple and extensive, the supervision and inspection of horses and flowers, and the sloppy rectification, ecological construction may be alienated. In order to avoid "one size fits all", the policy of the system must be precise, the level of law enforcement must be more precise, and green development has its foundation.

Those who travel hundreds of miles are half-90s. The formation of ecological problems does not happen overnight. Environmental protection inspectors have effectively promoted and resolved a number of outstanding ecological and environmental issues, and promoted the improvement of the quality of the ecological environment in Guizhou. The core lies in really hard work. The movement really hits the ecology, benchmarks and rectifies the table. Pollution prevention and ecological construction is a tough battle, but also a protracted battle. It is even more important to understand the truth, make practical use of it, and see the results. As always, grasp the ecology and do not spare any effort to develop.

The breeze and the bright moon are priceless. The ecological environment is not the best, only better. While seeing achievements and boosting confidence, we must also see the difficult and painful points of ecological protection, coordinate ecological issues and development issues, and integrate ecological dividends and the well-being of people's livelihoods. New road to quality development.

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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