"Three Focuses" in Wudang District, Guiyang

来源:贵阳网—贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-30 09:36 Source: Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily reporter recently learned from Wudang District that the district has accelerated the construction of education informatization , initiated the implementation of the Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan, and focused on increasing investment, focusing on demonstration and leadership, and strengthening training. Carry out work and achieved good results.

In the work, Wudang District has strengthened the construction of education infrastructure. In the past five years, it has invested a total of 20.92 million yuan, added 1161 school computers, 664 classes, 20 multimedia classrooms, and 6 electronic classroom preparation facilities. The compliance rate of computers and classes in educational public schools is 100%. The public schools at or above the village level in the district have realized the "broadband network school-to-school" and "quality resource class-to-class"; accelerate the construction of high-quality information resources and start the implementation of Wudang District "Smart Class Demonstration School Project" and "Smart Classroom" training projects, constructing six demonstration schools including Xiaba Nine-year School, and teachers of Xiaba Nine-year School on behalf of Wudang District to participate in the fifth national NOC competition , Won 7 second prizes, 3 third prizes, introduced "divided bean education" (system) high-quality education resources, shared education resources with more than 100 famous schools such as Beijing Normal University High School, Huanggang Middle School, etc. Live Class "pilot work.

At the same time, Wudang District promotes the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, and strengthens the training of teachers' information technology through national training, provincial and municipal level and school-level training, and the participation rate reaches more than 95%. In 2018, it organized and selected teachers to participate in Guiyang City. Information technology teaching application results competition, of which 12 people (times) won the municipal first, second and third prizes, Wudang District won the outstanding group organization award; participated in the first primary and secondary school "micro-class" production application competition in Guizhou Province, 11 people won the provincial first prize, 26 people won the second prize, and 20 people won the third prize.

(Fan Rong, reporter from Guiyang Daily Press)

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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