"Stabilizing foreign investment" China's 722 major foreign investment projects in the first 11 months

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 29 (Reporters Chen Weiwei and Wang Yuxiao) Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan said on the 29th that this year, the work of "stabilizing foreign investment" has achieved remarkable results. In the first 11 months, China attracted 722 large-scale foreign investment projects of more than 100 million US dollars, an increase of 15.5%.

The 2019 National Business Work Conference was held in Beijing on the 29th. Zhong Shan said at the meeting that since this year, business operations have been generally stable, the main indicators have been stable and good, and high-quality development has achieved new results.

In terms of "stabilizing foreign investment", Zhong Shan said that since this year, China has improved its regulations and policy system, promoted the introduction of foreign investment laws and implementation regulations, and "20 rules for foreign investment stabilization" and other policy measures. Accelerating market access relaxation, the national version of the negative list of foreign investment access was reduced to 40 articles, and the free trade pilot zone version was reduced to 37 articles, and restrictions other than the negative list were cleaned up and cancelled. Revise the catalog of encouraged foreign investment industries and strengthen investment promotion protection.

In terms of "promoting consumption", Zhong Shan introduced that China has introduced "20 measures to promote consumption" policies and measures. In terms of urban consumption, 36 cities were promoted to develop convenience stores, and more than 1,200 vegetable markets were newly built. In terms of rural consumption, e-commerce has been promoted to enter the countryside, and more than 1,700 county-level e-commerce service centers and logistics distribution centers have been built. In addition, 837 agricultural cold chain logistics projects were supported.

In terms of "stabilizing foreign trade", Zhong Shan introduced that China has explored emerging markets, supported the construction of trade promotion platforms, newly identified 65 foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, and identified 6 national-level international marketing service public platforms. Improve cross-border e-commerce policies and set up 24 additional cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones. Support the import of advanced technology and equipment and key components. Deepen the experimental development of service trade innovation, promote the construction of service export bases, and promote the transformation and upgrading of service outsourcing.

In addition, the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and the free trade port has been progressing steadily, the “Belt and Road” economic and trade cooperation has been deepened, and multilateral and bilateral cooperation has continued to deepen.

Zhong Shan said that in 2020, it is necessary to promote the formation of a strong domestic market, promote higher levels of opening up to the outside world, promote high-quality development of commerce, and promote the construction of a strong economy and trade.

Chief Editor: Zhu Yongzhang

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