Guiyang Baiyun District comprehensively promotes the "Thousand Villages Renovation and 100 Villages Demonstration"

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On December 25, the reporter learned from Baiyun District that the district focuses on the improvement of human settlements and comprehensively promotes the work of " Thousand Village Rehabilitation · 100 Village Demonstrations ". Up to now, a total of 234 houses have been renovated, with a completion rate of 100%, and a total of 879 households have been built, with a completion rate of more than 439%.

In terms of demonstration construction in Baicun, all 234 houses in Baiyun District this year's "Thousands of Villages Rehabilitation · 100 Villages Demonstration" action plan have been completed. Among them, there are 137 households in Liaoshui Village, Dala Township, and Dasong Formation in Luodao Village, Niuchang Township. There are 56 households and 41 households in the Putangguan Formation of Xiaoshan Village. At the same time, public infrastructure supporting projects such as Chuandhu Road, greening, squares, wells, leisure kiosks, sewage treatment, and public toilets have all been completed.

In terms of promoting the toilet revolution, 9 public-level toilets will be built in Baiyun District this year. Up to now, 13 have been completed, with a completion rate of 144.4%. There are 200 urban-level toilets in rural households, and 879 have been completed and completed. The rate is 439.5%.

In the construction of Fumei Village, the construction tasks of three Fumei Village demonstration sites in Xiaochang Village, Luodao Village, and Lengshui Village of Dula Township in Niuchang Township have been fully completed. The construction content involves the improvement of wells, courtyard fences, facade renovation, Chuando Road. White to black, square pavement, sewage treatment facilities and pipe network.

At the same time, Baiyun District has carried out village clean-up operations. This year, 5 villages (towns) and 50 administrative villages have completed the clean-up of rural household garbage. A total of 9,559 tons of garbage, 90 ponds, 224 kilometers of village canals and 84.5 tons of silt have been cleared. 161 tons of agricultural production waste such as livestock and poultry dung sludge; carried out 131 visits to villages and households, mobilized more than 8331 people to work, posted 228 slogans, and demolished 19 abandoned buildings; 259 in the district The villager group added 292 full-time cleaners to carry out normal cleaning and maintenance of the village. (Liang Jing, reporter from Rong Media of Guiyang Daily)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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