Legend of Liu Lanfang and his disciples in Shenyang

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Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, December 29th, according to legend: Liu Lanfang and his disciples performed in Shenyang

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Zhaochen

"Who has a pen? Who has a pen? Borrow me to use it. I will ask Teacher Liu Lanfang to sign a name for me." This is the evening of December 28th. What happened. That night, Liu Lanfang performed with 12 disciples from all over the country at the Wenxinyuan Theater in Shenyang, showing the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

75-year-old Liu Lanfang is a well-known storytelling artist and representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage. In order to implement the spirit of the National Implementation Plan of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Development Project, the Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Liaoning Province held two performances of Liu Lanfang and his disciples on December 28.

An hour before the show, Liu Lanfang, who had put on makeup in advance, came to each apprentice's room in turn, asked how he was preparing, and hugged and took pictures with the disciples who had not seen him for a while.

"She was asking us what was going on, but it was actually checking whether our makeup was clean and well-dressed." Tan Min, a commentator from Yangzhou, told reporters, "No problem, she laughed and left; there are problems, Follow the master, she will always have some clothes in our suitcase. "

The show started with the Northeast drum "horse jumping pool". There is no gorgeous dance and advanced sound effects. The small theater that can only accommodate more than a hundred people is even harsh with a slight cough. Liu Lanfang found a seat in the last row of the theater and watched the disciples' performances carefully.

The performance includes traditional storytelling and classic drum songs, which shows the artistic characteristics of Liu Lanfang's drum commentaries as a whole. The performers are 60 years oldest and 34 years youngest. National first-level actor Wang Hongyan performed Liu Lanfang's famous work, and a piece of the storytelling "Yue Fei Biography", "Throwing Colors and Raising Husbands", is very similar to the teacher and won a lot of color. Liu Lanfang smiled and nodded affirmatively.

"This section was taught orally by my husband. After I visited the teacher, I performed with the master. At that time, she performed" Throwing Lottery ", and I was very impressed." Wang Hongyan said.

In the applause of the audience, Liu Lanfang finally came to the stage and performed a piece of the storytelling "Yue Fei Biography", "Return Me to the Mountains", still with a clear voice and high spirits!

After the performance, the disciples ran to the stage and embraced the teacher.

"In the past, I was teaching my disciples to support the elderly, and now I ’m totally responsible for bringing them." After the performance, Liu Lanfang told reporters that there are currently 40 storytellers and 10 disciples of the Northeast Drum. Performing in one place will bring students from nearby cities and cities to participate and perform while teaching.

"Liu Lanfang's" Yue Fei Biography "and" Yang Family General "and other storytelling companions grew up with me. The most regrettable thing this time was that I didn't bring a pen and I couldn't ask for an" Idol "sign. She is just as good, and there are some successors to the drum review. "Shenyang audience member Zhao Lei said.

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