"Bright Ming Fenghua" shows the beauty of Chinese culture

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Recently, "Bright Ming Fenghua" aired on Hunan Satellite TV and Youku started from the end of the battle of Yongle in the first year of Yongle as the narrative starting point, showing the magnificent prosperity of the Yongle era and the rule of Renxuan in the changes of decades.

The whole TV series focuses on portraying heroes. In the play, Yu Qian, who was in danger during the Beijing defense battle, was admired for his "right body and broken bones, but to be innocent in the world"; Yang Shiqi, Yang Rong, Yang Ye and other generations of famous officials, who stayed in the public, The spirit of dedication is motivating.

The Palace Museum is about to celebrate its 600th birthday in 2020. This palace, which represents the treasures of Chinese culture, was originally built in Zhu Xi. "Daming Fenghua" shows the majestic and magnificent beauty of the Forbidden City with delicate brushstrokes. At the same time, the play also presents the beauty of Chinese culture in many aspects. Whether it is the Kunqu "Single Sword Society" introduced in the beginning, or the beautifully restored chicken bowl, palace paintings, and Xuande furnace, all of them support the historical details from subtle points. "Bright Ming Fenghua" customized clothing for each character in different environments, and restored the history of the Ming Dynasty from multiple perspectives, such as architecture, clothing, food, etc., to show the audience Chinese aesthetics, Chinese culture, and Chinese weather.

"Bright Ming Fenghua" digs deep into the spiritual connotation behind the narrative of the story. In the play, we can see the political ideals of repairing Qiping and governing the country from the prosperous period of the middle and early Ming Dynasty; reading Zheng He's voyages from the west to the diplomatic thought of the Chinese nation's cooperation and win-win situation; Zhou "," overturning the boat ", peace of mind and danger.

Literature and art reflect the times and screens reflect life. "Bright Ming Fenghua" integrates traditional Chinese culture and family feelings in literary and artistic creation, and spreads a magnificent Ming Dynasty picture for the audience.

Editor-in-chief: Yang Bowen

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