"Dream on the Sea" Shapes Group Portraits of Returnees

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The TV series "Dream Across the Sea", which reflects the reality of international students returning to start their own businesses, is currently on the air. From the perspective of young students returning home and starting a business, the play eulogizes a group of dream-hunters who return home to start a business, serve the motherland, and chase the Chinese dream. Dream "together.

As a realistic work focusing on social development and changes in the times, "Dream Across the Sea" actively explores and expresses real life. By telling the story of the struggle of four Chinese students studying and starting a business, the small history of personal struggle and entrepreneurship is implanted. The great history of China's economic and social development is reflected in the ups and downs of the plot story and the distinctive texture of the times. The play is divided into three scenes based on the time axis. It has been interpreted from the mid-1980s to the present, spanning 30 years of great changes in China's economic and social reforms. It takes the personal growth story of returnee entrepreneurs as the epitome, and presents a comprehensive view of contemporary China. The tide of social change has resonated with a generation.

In order to make the plot close to reality and truly show the spirit of international students returning to start a business, the creative team has repeatedly visited Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu, Taizhou (China) Medical City and other places, interviewed relevant department leaders and returnee entrepreneurs to learn about the state's support for entrepreneurship policies and The vivid cases of medical talents returning to start their own businesses have accumulated rich and lively realistic materials.

The multi-dimensional observation of the era gives the script a solid story and a solid character. The group of people studying abroad, represented by Zhao Xiaoqing and Xiao Zhan in the early days of the reform and opening up, rose up and down in the gap between ideal and reality, and witnessed the struggle and confusion of the international student group. After returning to China, they continued to seek and work hard. In the fields of medicine, computer, finance and other fields, it sang a moving praise of innovation and entrepreneurship, and realized its own growth and transformation. From being attracted abroad by the superior material conditions and lifestyles of foreign countries in the early 1990s to returning home because of the calling of dreams, the story of the characters in the play has always been closely linked to China's rapid development and change.

It is precisely because the fighters at different time nodes and innovation sections relayed each other and showed their abilities, that has created the leap-forward development in the 70 years since the founding of New China. The group portrait of returning entrepreneurs created in "Dream on the Sea" is also a group portrait of ordinary dream chasers in the journey of realizing the Chinese dream. Through the comparison of "over the sea" and "over the sea", the TV drama deeply reflects the profound changes in Chinese society since the reform and opening up, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The earth is a stage of struggle full of hope and dream. This is exactly the meaning of the title "Dream is on the sea side".

Editor-in-chief: Yang Bowen

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