Investigation of multiple illegal online payment cases by cutting off the network black gold settlement channel

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Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, December 29th, Topic: Cut off the settlement channel of hacking funds on the Internet-investigation of multiple illegal online payment cases

Xinhua News Agency reporters Xiong Feng and Bai Yongquan

Recently, some illegal online payment platforms have provided payment interface services for illegal crimes such as "yellow gambling and poisoning", telecommunications fraud, and underground money shops through technical means, and made huge profits from them. A few days ago, under the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs cracked a number of illegal online payment cases, destroyed a number of illegal payment platforms, and maintained the state's financial management order.

The practice of illegal online payment under the name of "aggregated payment"

Under the deployment and command of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Dalian Police of Liaoning recently cracked a case of a major illegal operation. Shenzhen Aibei Information Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the payment and settlement of illegal funds in the name of "aggregated payment", which intercepts the merchant's funds, involving an amount of more than 9.2 billion yuan.

According to Jiang Moumou, a long-time employee of Aibe ’s Ministry of Commerce, Aibe first registered payment channels from third-party payment institutions such as WeChat and Alipay by registering multiple “shell companies”, and then integrated these payment methods into a two-dimensional The code is sent to the merchant for use.

According to reports, the money that consumers pay merchants does not go directly to the merchant's account, but first enters the Aibe company's account. Aibe company will settle the funds to the merchant according to the payment time agreed with the merchant and charge a certain service fee. The amount of service fee is determined according to the situation of the customer and the agreed settlement time. Generally speaking, it is about 1% of the total amount collected.

"Convergence payment itself is not illegal, but if the convergence payment platform engages in settlement business and intercepts the merchant's funds to form a so-called" fund pool ", it is illegal and has a high risk." The relevant responsible comrades of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Introduction, a distinctive feature of the illegal payment and settlement business is that the platform intercepts the money paid by the consumer to the merchant without obtaining the payment business license issued by the People's Bank of China, directly withdraws the handling fee from it, and then transfers to the merchant. Account.

"To obtain a license issued by the regulatory authority, a certain amount of reserve funds must be paid to protect the safety of the funds of the merchants, but platforms such as Aibei have no qualifications, and the merchants have a huge amount of money in their hands without any guarantee. Once they run the money, the merchants must suffer heavy losses. "Said Fan Yanqun, deputy captain of the Economic Investigation Brigade of Shahekou Branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau. Starting from May this year, at least 30 million yuan of funds could not be paid due to the unauthorized embezzlement of merchant funds To business.

Provide illegal funding channels for illegal crimes

In recent years, some criminals have paid attention to the huge market benefits in the field of online payment, threatening public property security and national financial order.

Liu Hancun, executive deputy director of the Shahekou Branch of the Dalian Public Security Bureau, said that in the payment industry, there are some who do not do fund settlement business and provide technical support for "one yard over payment". Those who do not have a license, Those who engage in the payment and settlement business under the banner of "aggregated payment" are commonly known as "Second Qing", and "Second Qing" is illegal.

It is worth noting that these illegal online payment platforms have also become a hotbed for the development and spread of other illegal crimes. For example, they provide fund settlement services for websites engaged in cyber crimes such as gambling and pornography.

"In fact, the phenomenon of" black eating black "still exists in this field," said Liu Hancun, "We have frozen a total of 519 merchants' funds, but only 115 of them have submitted applications for thawing. Aibei knows that some businesses are engaged in It is an illegal business, and even if their funds are intercepted, they dare not call the police. "

"Catch eggs", "typing exercises", and "fun running" ... In recent years, new types of criminal tactics on illegal online payment platforms have emerged endlessly. In a huge illegal business case cracked by the Yantai Police in Shandong in April this year, the suspect developed and operated a mobile phone app called "Catch Eggs", and recruited agents to develop a large number of online payment users "part-time" to collect commissions for gambling. Websites and other criminal gangs provide illegal payment settlement services such as "collection and payment", involving huge amounts of money.

According to the police, illegal online payment activities set up an "underground passage" between legal funds channels and illegal and criminal activities. The fictional transaction background helps illegal criminal funds escape supervision, seriously disrupts the order of financial markets, and endangers payment security.

Maintaining financial security requires concerted efforts from all sides

The reporter noticed that some non-bank payment institutions' operating institutions for online payment and settlement platforms have recently increased their monitoring of online payments.

Wang Yu, senior director of China UnionPay's risk control department, said that UnionPay will conduct in-depth analysis of typical cases related to illegal online payment platforms and rely on big data and intelligent risk control related technologies to establish and improve illegal payment monitoring models.

Hu Haiyang, senior manager of the risk compliance department of Netlink Clearing Co., Ltd. said that in the next step, Netlink platform will actively continue to carry out data-based modeling and analysis, focusing on illegal online payment platforms, and will expand the scope of monitoring, Carry out risk monitoring for illegal activities such as money laundering, and help supervisors to monitor risk points and illegal activities.

Hu Haiyang and others stated that to protect their "money bags", first of all, do not rent out your personal bank account and payment account at will, let alone sell personally identifiable information for use by others. Secondly, in the daily offline shopping process, pay attention to protecting the payment code information, and appropriately set transaction limits on personal bank accounts or payment accounts. In the event of suspected fraud or theft of account funds, you should contact the bank or a third-party payment agency in a timely manner to stop payment and report the case to the police.

A person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security stated that the public security organs will continue to severely crack down on online payment-related illegal and criminal activities, effectively maintain the order of the financial market, maintain the safety of public funds, and purify the payment market environment.

Chief Editor: Zhu Yongzhang

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