Premier League synthesis: Liverpool's one-goal win over Wolves' VAR is again controversial

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Xinhua News Agency, London, December 29 (Reporter Zhang Wei) Liverpool continued to win on the 29th. After a 1-0 win over the Wolves, they scored 18 wins and 1 tie and scored 55 points in the Premier League. However, the involvement of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to blow away a goal from the Wolves caused controversy, making the "Red Army" victory somewhat somewhat lucky.

This season Liverpool played a home against the well-equipped Wolves. Both teams played well at Anfield that day. Liverpool had more opportunities after the opening, and both Salah and Mane had a slight difference from the goal. In the 42nd minute, Mane finally broke the net at close range, but it took a long time to celebrate. In order to confirm that the ball was hitting Lalana's shoulder instead of his arm before receiving the ball, the referee and VAR experienced a long communication.

Subsequently, the Wolves quickly found Liverpool's defensive loophole in the counterattack, and Neto shot through the net. VAR's re-launch has caused controversy, because assisting player Jonny's offside, which is difficult to judge with the naked eye, was "observed by VAR". Wolves coach Santo received a yellow card for dissatisfaction.

However, the Wolves players were not frustrated by this blow, they put more pressure on Liverpool in the second half, but ultimately failed to convert the opportunity into a goal. Wolves ranked seventh with 30 points after 20 rounds, the same points as sixth place Tottenham, and one point less than fifth place Manchester United. Liverpool were 13 points ahead of second place Leicester City with one game missing.

On the same day, Manchester City was slow in the home game against Sheffield United. In the first half, they played poorly and the opponent had a goal which was confirmed by VAR as offside. Easy side to fight again, Aguero in the 53rd minute received a pass from De Braun and hit a corner to help Manchester City break the deadlock. In the final stage of the game, De Broun shot low and broke the net, setting the score at 2: 0.

Ending 2019 with a victory, defending champion Manchester City can only rank third, 1 point behind Leicester City. Manchester City will face Everton on January 1 next year after achieving two consecutive victories after coaching Ancelotti.

Editor-in-chief: Yang Bowen

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