China Hyundai Pentathlon Association clears Tokyo goals and strives for medals

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 28 (Reporter Zhang Han) The China Modern Pentathlon Association held its ninth congress in Beijing on the 28th. Fang Ya successfully re-elected as the chairman of the association and pointed out that the China Modern Pentathlon National Team The goal of the Tokyo Olympics next year is to "strive for medals."

The chairman of the association, Fang Ya, who has led the modern Pentathlon Association to continuously deepen its reforms in the past two years, first reports to the participants on the work of the Association, looks forward to future development, and analyzes the promotion of the Modern Pentathlon in China.

When referring to the project development mission, she said that the modern Pentathlon Association will focus on the strategic goals of building a sports power, and take scientific and sustainable development as the guidance to build a first-class sports team, realize a new image and new dream, and comprehensively enhance the value of sports events. , Continue to improve the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of China's modern pentathlon, at the Tokyo Olympics with "achieve new breakthroughs, create new glory" as its mission, and make due contributions to China's march from a sports power to a sports power.

As the top priority of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Fang Ya said that the goal of Hyundai Pentathlon is to "qualify, strive for medals, and hit gold medals."

During the association's general election, after raising their hands, Fang Ya, the secretary-general of the International Modern Pentathlon Alliance, was re-elected as the chairman of the association, Zhang Bin, the director of the National Team Security Division of the Sword Center, Liu Haoyang, the chairman of Beijing Nuo Teng Technology Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Athletic Sports. Zhang Hongling, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Management Center, Yang Hai, a member of the Party Group of the Guangdong Sports Bureau, Qiao Yunping, the deputy director of the Shandong Sports Bureau, are the vice chairmen of the association, and Shen Kejian, the coach of the Shanghai Athletic Sports Training Center, is the secretary-general. Xu Haifeng, China's first Olympic gold medalist, served as the honorary chairman of the association.

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