8,000 cadres in Tianzhu relieve poverty among frontline workers

来源:人民网 Release time: 2019-12-30 10: 14Source : People's Network

Newspaper (Zou Jifang, Jin Kewen) In recent years, Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province has implemented full coverage of cadre pairing and assistance, and organized 7,649 party member cadres in the county to guarantee and guarantee 28,713 poor households. Nearly 8,000 party members and cadres carried out 7 themed activities on the front line of poverty alleviation, such as “finding the situation of the village and the people, handling a good fact, and solving a troublesome thing”, and achieved significant results. Poverty alleviation cadres in Qiaoping Village, Duma Town sent their skills to the village, creating a grapefruit, grape, citrus and under-forest aquaculture industry village. Lantian Village, Lantian Town, helped cadres work with the masses to build a 10,000-acre vegetable base in autumn and winter.

Dazhan Village, Yuankou Town, Tianzhu County is a pair of helping villages of Tianzhu County Finance Bureau. "If you want to completely change the poverty situation in a large sample village, you must not only focus on infrastructure construction, but also lead the whole village to develop industries." Said Yang Zhengsong, secretary of the party group and director of the Finance Bureau of Tianzhu County. In order to improve the living environment of the large sample village, the county finance bureau has helped build Tongzhuang Highway, Industrial Road, Chuanhu Road, and flood protection embankment, implemented 37 houses in dilapidated houses, and implemented drinking water safety projects to cover 294 households and 1073 people. Industry shortcomings, the Finance Bureau helped to cultivate 2 large households that raised cattle and ducks, and helped develop the pepper industry of 60 acres.

As of now, Tianzhu County Party members and cadres have been going to help the village to carry out more than 10,000 sessions of the "Council House Dam Meeting", set up 1076 farmers' professional cooperatives, and implemented more than 50 million yuan in education poverty alleviation, benefiting 149,800 students from poor families. ; Implemented the renovation of 1,284 dangerous houses, completed the hardening of 7699 households and 3691 courtyards, and demolished 5581 rural waste houses; successfully resolved 623 contradictions and disputes, and the public's recognition was significantly improved.

Editor-in-chief: Yang Bowen

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