British government accidentally leaked thousands of stream address experts: remedy is difficult to reach the sky

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The British government accidentally leaked the addresses of more than 1,000 dignitaries and celebrities online, including music star Elton John and Oscar film director Sam Mendes. The British Cabinet Office apologized on December 28 and set about remedies.

[Trouble: "I can't believe my eyes"]

The British government publishes a list of awards twice a year, usually once in the middle of the year and once at the end of the year, in recognition of outstanding officials, law enforcement officers, sports and performing arts professionals, community workers, etc.

Surprisingly, the list of awards published online by the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom late at night on the 27th not only included the names of the people, but also included the home and office addresses of the winners, and set the list to Downloadable files.

The list includes more than 1,000 people, such as music superstar Elton John, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, and Oscar-winning film "Twelve Years of Slavery" director Steve Mac Quinn, as well as dozens of officials in the Department of Defense and the Counter-Terrorism Unit.

After downloading the list, a British woman immediately noticed something was wrong. She told the British Guardian: "I can hardly believe my eyes. I thought they had done the same before, but when I checked the list in previous years, they did not contain such (home address) information at all. I realized that they must have committed A catastrophic mistake! "

[Everything to do: "It's never possible for everyone to move"]

The British Cabinet Office urgently removed the list from the Internet in the early morning of December 28. However, the list has been "baked" for more than an hour, and it is unclear how many people have downloaded it.

The Cabinet Office issued an apology statement: "We apologize to all affected people and are investigating the cause of the incident. We have reported this to the Information Supervision Bureau and have started to contact all affected people directly."

Data security expert Ravi Naike is concerned that the data breach could "have a catastrophic effect."

"Once the data is leaked, it will be difficult to 'recover the bottle' again. This is sensitive information that will spread like a virus, and it will be difficult to remedy it," said Naike. Poses a security risk. "

Naike calls on the government to take remedial measures as much as possible, but acknowledges that "it is never possible for everyone to move."

Under British law, disclosure of information may face penalties such as fines. Britain's Information Regulatory Authority is committed to investigate the case thoroughly. (Yang Shuyi)

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