Contractor overhauls British MI6 and loses more than a hundred pages of "sensitive documents"

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A number of British media reported on December 27 that the largest construction contractor in the UK, Balfour-Betty Construction Company, undertook the construction of the secret intelligence bureau, namely the MI6 building, but lost more than 100 pages of "sensitive documents" and was attacked by MI6. Cancel the contract.

British "Sun", "Independence" and other media reported from sources that MI6 found about 2 weeks ago that more than 100 pages of drawings depicting MI6 building layout were lost. The drawings detail the location of the building's entrances, alarms, and other security measures. They are "sensitive documents" that were originally stored in a "safe room" during the building's renovation.

Sources said the drawings were believed to have been produced by Balfour-Betty Construction, not MI6. Most of the drawings were subsequently found inside the building, and several still "missing" to date.

According to one of the sources, the drawings were “golden sands” for “enemy intelligence personnel or terrorists”; MI6 repeatedly emphasized “importance of security” to Balfour-Betty Construction, but The latter "obviously didn't matter."

According to media reports, Balfour-Betty Construction Company subcontracted the project to other contractors after getting the contract. About 40 employees participated in the renovation of the building, but only the supervisory level staff could access the renovation plan. MI6 found that the drawings were missing, and once "blocked" the building, contractor employees were not allowed to go out, and they were isolated for questioning.

A source said that "the loss of such sensitive documents is extremely irresponsible"; although the drawings are believed to have fallen into the hands of "hostile forces", MI6's contract with Balfour-Betty Construction "terminated" . The contract value is in the millions of pounds.

Facing media inquiries, Balfour-Betty Construction did not respond; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs in charge of MI6 said that it "does not respond to intelligence affairs."

The MI6 headquarters building is located on the River Thames in the capital London. It was put into use in 1994 and is widely known for its appearance in the 007 series of movies. (Zheng Haoning)

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