"Study in Dreams" helped 30,000 workers improve their education and ability

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People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 27 (Reporter Hao Mengjia) The press team of "National Development Journey-Walk into the Dream of Learning" walked into Ningde, Fujian Province on the 19th to learn more about the implementation of the dream of the dream of industrial workers. Lin Yu, vice president of the National Open University, said that industrial workers are a new force in the development of urbanization in China, and an indispensable and important part of promoting economic and social transformation in China. We must actively promote the continuous education of industrial workers and improve their employability.

On March 1, 2016, the Ministry of Education and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the "Action Plan for Improving the Education and Ability of Migrant Workers-Implementation Plan of the" Study Dreaming "Action, and officially launched the" Study Dreaming Action ".

According to Wu Guorong, President of Fujian Radio and Television University, Fujian Province ’s “Study in Dreams” initiative was launched in January 2017. A total of 26,283 students benefited from the "Study in Dreams" in Fujian Province in 2017 and 2018.

Sunday Brother was a student of Ningde TV University's "One Village One University Student" program. In his establishment of Yuetiao Group Corporation, there were many employees from rural areas. During the construction process of mechanical and electrical engineering, Sunday brother found that the company lacked professional skills. Personnel, he hopes that Ningde TV University can give support to training talents.

With the coordinated support of the National Open University and the Fujian Provincial Radio and Television University's Academic Affairs Office, Admissions Office and other departments, the first professional class of "Electrical Automation Technology" for Ningde TV University's "Study in Dreams" project was opened in Dejing Group, with 29 front-line workers Participated in the study. In addition to the project's subsidy of 3,000 yuan for each student, the company solves the remaining tuition fees and rewards 2,000 yuan per person after graduation. Courses such as circuit principles, electronic technology basics, motor and electric dragging basics, automatic control theory, signal and system analysis, process testing, and instrumentation are all courses that companies urgently need practical professional skills. Employees master technology while learning. Learning now, solving the urgent needs of enterprises.

You Shangyin is the beneficiary of the "Study Dreams". He was originally a grass-roots employee of the Yueyue Group and had only a technical secondary school education. In 2017, he enrolled in the "Electrical Automation Technology" professional class and began studying for college courses. "My job is a motor, which involves a wide range of issues and complicated drawings. At first, I could only understand the simple direction of the circuit, but I could n’t understand the more complicated ones." You Shangyin said, "After two and a half years, My theoretical study, combined with the actual operation of the work, my ability has improved a lot. "After graduation, You Shangyin's technical ability and personal literacy have improved. He was also promoted by the company to be a manager of an electrical and mechanical engineering company.

Cui Meizhi is also a beneficiary of the "Study Dreams". In 2011, Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established. Cui Meizhi entered the company and became a production line worker. After a period of hard work, she was promoted to team leader. Cui Meizhi was not satisfied, and she wanted to be promoted again, but according to company regulations, there is a degree requirement for promotion from the group leader to the supervisor, and further education is required if you want to be promoted. However, the work is so busy, where is there time to study?

After the implementation of the "Study in Dreams", only Cui Meizhi with a high school diploma finally had the opportunity to study. "I have always wanted to improve my ability through reading. The fragmented learning method has provided us with great convenience." Cui Meizhi said that the course adopts a combination of online learning and face-to-face teaching, and can take advantage of lunch breaks and work at night. Time and weekends to study, and questions raised during the study can be well answered in face-to-face classes.

With the encouragement and support of the company, Cui Meizhi finished her junior college and then enrolled in her undergraduate program to study business administration. "Business administration is closely related to my job requirements. Without relevant professional knowledge, I can not be qualified for management positions." At present, Cui Meizhi is the quality supervisor in the quality management department, and manages more than 100 people. For her, reading improves her education and raises her salary, but more importantly, she has learned a lot of knowledge that can be used at work, and her personal ability has also improved a lot.

It is understood that Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 20,000 employees. Most of its front-line employees are from central and western provinces. The level of education is low, and the quality and education are in urgent need of improvement. Based on Ningde's industrial layout and the current situation of industrial workers, Ningde TV University adopts a new model of continuous education based on the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study integration. In the Ningde era, it implements the "study dreams" of enterprise employees and organizes school delivery services to come. The number of new energy migrant workers recruited reached 273.

Wu Guorong, president of Fujian Radio and Television University, said that the "Success in Studying Dreams" in 2019 will continue to be implemented as planned. It is expected that by the spring of next year, the "Success in Studying Dreams" will benefit more than 30,000 students, and the annual budget of the supplementary award will be nearly 30 million yuan.

Editor-in-chief: Yang Bowen

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