Artificial Intelligence and Human Language Lab Inauguration Conference Held

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Beijing Int'l University of Foreign Studies Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Human Language Founding Conference and Symposium (Photo courtesy of the school)

People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 26 (Hao Mengjia, Wang Jingning) The inaugural meeting and seminar of the Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Human Language of Beijing Foreign Studies University was held today at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Former Deputy Minister of Education and Chairman of the Chinese Vocational and Technical Education Association Lu Xin pointed out in the congratulatory letter that the establishment of the Beijing University of Foreign Languages Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Human Language is important for the promotion of language education and research in China and the development of national artificial intelligence. Push role.

"Technology empowers education, science and technology create the future." Wang Dinghua, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Foreign Studies University, said that the laboratory will rely on interdisciplinary think tanks, focus on cutting-edge topics in the field of artificial intelligence and language education, and focus on advancing experimental research in multilingual brain science and big data. The research on language intelligent teaching modeling and application research, cross-language multi-modal natural language processing research, etc., strive to become the leading domestic and even the world's leading artificial intelligence research research highland.

Ren Youqun, the director of the Department of Teacher Work of the Ministry of Education, said that he hopes that Beiwai will promote the integrated development of artificial intelligence and education and accumulate more advanced advanced experiences and outstanding cases. It is hoped that the laboratory can obtain fruitful scientific research results, contribute to the modernization of education in our country, and to achieve the goal of a powerful country in education, and also contribute to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Li Yi, member of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee and Deputy Director of the Beijing Education Commission, emphasized that the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence and Human Language Laboratory of Beijing Foreign Studies University can help China to achieve breakthroughs in the field of multilingual teaching research and application of artificial intelligence. Further implementation of the national science and technology innovation center positioning, the construction of the capital's highly sophisticated economic structure, and serving the country's innovation-driven development strategy have a positive impact.

Focusing on the laboratory's macro academic environment, the northern perspective of artificial intelligence and human language, the laboratory's nature, purpose, goals and methodologies, laboratory organization structure, and laboratory characteristic research, five aspects, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences innovation researcher Gu Gu Yue Guo made a related introduction and put forward the laboratory top-level positioning of "Human Language + AI". In addition, the laboratory will establish a research community with science and technology companies, and jointly develop government, enterprise, research, and research, so as to innovate the education model and the results incubation and transformation mechanism.

It is reported that the laboratory has hired well-known experts at home and abroad as members of the laboratory academic committee to provide academic guidance for laboratory construction. Among them, Gu Yueguo was hired as the chief expert and laboratory consultant of the Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Human Languages, and Sun Youzhong, vice president of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, was hired as the director of the academic committee, and Ren Youqun, Wang Dinghua, and Yuan Jun from Beijing Foreign Studies University were hired as members of the academic committee. .

The laboratory also held a strategic partnership agreement signing ceremony with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd. Lu Yong, Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and President of China, said that Huawei and Beijing Foreign Studies University will complement each other's strengths in the field of language and artificial intelligence, promote talent cultivation, jointly build a smart campus, and jointly create a new model of artificial intelligence education. .

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