China Electronics Society Youth Grade Examination Series Standard Upgrade

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People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 26 (Hao Mengjia, Wang Jingning) The 2019-2020 Youth Science Popularization Working Conference of the Chinese Institute of Electronics cum Youth Series Examination Standards Press Conference was held at Peking University on the 25th. Lin Runhua, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, said that technological innovation and talent training in the field of electronic information is the key to future national competition. Cultivating awareness of science and technology ethics and promotion of science and technology application from young people can provide a guarantee for building a world science and technology power.

"Software is the soul of information technology and the main battlefield for future scientific and technological innovation." Meng Hongtao, director of the Comprehensive Division of the Information Technology and Software Services Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that the popularization of youth programming education is the general trend, and the training of software programming should start with the baby. Making software programming a must-have for future talent.

At the press conference, Yang Jin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Popularization Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, made the "Summarization of Science Popularization Work for Youth and Work Plan for 2020". In 2019, the Chinese Institute of Electronics has built an innovative innovation in China with “One Competition and Four Exams”, Maker Education Forum, annual survey report, six working expert groups, four sets of teaching materials, five sets of standards, and three online The service platform is a comprehensive youth science popularization service system with special contents. As of now, more than 140,000 candidates across the country have taken the juvenile level test, covering more than 600 test centers in more than 25 provinces and cities nationwide. The conference site also released the "Research Report on Robot Education for Primary and Middle Schools in 2019", "Teenage Software Programming Level Standards", and "Upgraded Versions of" Teenage Robot Technology Level Standards ".

As an important part of this conference, the Youth Software Programming Technical Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics was formally established. The birth of the committee marks the determination of various fields of the industry, namely, to promote a mutually successful programming education ecology, comprehensively promote the cultivation and improvement of young people's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and jointly build a talent engine for the Chinese intelligent era.

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