People's Daily talks today: Make the "small shop economy" more prosperous

来源:人民网 Release time: 2019-12-30 10:54 Source: People's Network

The seemingly inconspicuous little shop has a big fortune. A report on the “small shop economy” released recently shows that the large number of various types of shops in urban and rural areas is of great help to increase economic vitality.

"Small shop economy" is now eye-catching. The shop not only penetrates into our daily life, provides convenience for people to live, drink, live, and travel, but also is an organic part of the city. It is dressed as the scenery of the city and is an important infrastructure of the consumer market, driving the expansion of the consumer market and the upgrade of consumption. It can be said that the healthy growth of the "small shop economy" is not only a direct reflection of the full resilience of small, medium and micro enterprises, but also a vivid annotation of the tremendous vitality of China's economy.

In this sense, opening up new development space for the "small shop economy" should be the choice of urban governors. From the development of night shops, to the heritage of time-honored brands, to the creation of specialty shops, it not only encourages innovative operations of shops, enriches the supply of high-quality goods and services, but also provides policy support for its transformation and upgrading. Constantly creating a good business environment for its development, small and micro enterprises will be more vibrant, and the "small shop economy" will be more prosperous.

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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