People's financial evaluation: "new oxygen", more important than profit is conscience

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Recently, some media reported that Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd., where the Internet medical beauty platform Gengmei APP is located, was sued by several stars including Wang Yibo, Zhang Yixing, Li Yifeng, Liu Shishi, Qin Lan, etc. due to Internet infringement liability disputes. In fact, infringing celebrities' rights and interests is already a "conventional practice" of the Internet medical beauty industry. The new oxygen platform, which is known as "the first unit of Internet medical beauty", has also had legal disputes with Lu Xun, Lin Zhiling, Huang Bo and other stars due to the right to portrait and reputation.

The lifeline of the Internet platform is traffic. Common shortcuts to get traffic, in addition to touching porcelain stars, there is brainwashing marketing. For example, the New Oxygen App, which was listed on the NASDAQ in May this year and claims to have an average monthly traffic of 240 million, was questioned for breaking the moral and ethical bottom lines because of its extremely strong value orientation in advertising.

"What is more important than the three views is the five senses", "A woman is beautiful before she is complete, and she is a good woman" ... Similar slogans are common. In the Oxygen video ad, a group of women stood on the beach with smiles and sang "Women are going to be full" and other lyrics along with the rhythm of "Ode to Joy". The value orientation revealed by it attributed women's value to appearance, an ignorance of the spirit of freedom and independence of modern women, a contempt for the spirit of women's struggle and creativity, and an indirect denial of women's contribution to the advancement of society and civilization. .

Seeing the overwhelming "face value is justice" -style propaganda slogan, we can't help asking: "new oxygens", where are your three views?

It is undeniable that women have the freedom to make up for their shortcomings and pursue beauty through medical cosmetic methods, but this freedom should not come from the brainwashing propaganda of the medical beauty platform "PUA". In today's society, there is a so-called "meal-eating". But it must also be seen objectively: Most of the phenomena of gaining career success through cosmetic “gold suction” and “beautiful powder” are mostly in specific professional fields such as celebrities and Internet celebrities. "Looking at society and relying on the face to eat" is not universally significant. It is an ridiculous view to equate plastic surgery with career success or marriage happiness. The "new oxygen", the "fresh oxygen" brought to women, should not be "the beauty is king."

For consumers, the medical cosmetic platform must not only bear economic responsibilities, but also bear corresponding moral obligations. The essential attribute of the medical plastic surgery industry is medicine. The Internet medical beauty platform, as a professional third-party platform, must first be able to objectively understand and define "medical beauty" in order to better serve consumers, introduce consumers to medical beauty knowledge, and provide consumers with accurate and reliable information.

From a social perspective, the medical cosmetic platform must take into account the overall interests, in order to win the long-term interests of the company itself. A special feature of Internet platform companies is that their publicity is much higher than that of ordinary companies. Therefore, for the medical beauty platform enterprises, especially the leading companies such as Neo-Oxygen, there should be higher standards and requirements in terms of standardization and ethics.

You shouldn't lose your morality when you travel light. The Internet industry is fiercely competitive, and companies that break through the bottom line have seen traffic and benefits in the short term, but in the long run they are self-destructing brands that will lose the market and will eventually be abandoned by capital. On December 5, 2019, New Oxygen's third quarter financial report showed that revenue reached 302.4 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 79.6%. However, on the day of the earnings report, the stock price diverged, falling by 3.29%. In modern capital markets, the "moral hazard" that companies may face due to violation of public order and good customs is also an important reference for investors. Taking the traffic gained through the bottom line as wings, even if flying up the tuyere, it is just a pig. Moral is the basis, only to hit the sky.

Stars of “touching porcelain”, scandals of scan orders, medical security disputes, “irregular black doctors”, leakage of user privacy ... The medical beauty platform industry is very chaotic and urgently needs standardized management and industry self-regulation. In particular, the vulgar values advertisements that APPs such as Neo Oxygen overwhelmingly place in public places and Internet platforms urgently need relevant departments to severely rectify them. Let the ads that break through the bottom line have nowhere to hide, and let the enterprise that renounce morality remember: Three views are more important than five senses, and conscience is more important than profit.

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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