Xinhua commentary: "Fat Five" turned up, and it was really beautiful!

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On the evening of December 27, the Long March 5 carrier rocket and the Practical 20 satellite rose from the Chinese Wenchang space launch site into the sky and successfully completed the launch mission. The Long March V, which was affectionately called "Fat Five", fought a beautiful "turnover battle".

The Long March 5 is a milestone project for the upgrading of China ’s carrier rockets. It represents the highest level of technological innovation in China ’s carrier rockets. It can achieve a large leap in low-Earth orbital carrying capacity. The carrying capacity ranks first in China and is among the first in the world. One of the important signs of moving from a space power to a space power will provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of major national science and technology projects and major projects such as the third phase of the follow-up moon exploration project and Mars exploration.

After more than 10 years of engineering development, the Long March 5 launched two launches on November 3, 2016 and July 2, 2017. The first launch was a complete success, and the second launch failed to send the satellite due to the failure of the rocket engine. Into the scheduled track. Some people say, "It looks like China's aerospace is going into another trough."

Back in the 1990s, China Aerospace has encountered successive launch failures, and some people exclaimed that "the Great Wall is ashamed and the Chinese are ashamed." At difficult times, the astronauts still stood up and carried forward, and finally came out of the trough and won the victory.

Perseverance, dreaming more than just. The "turnover battle" of the Long March V is also a key battle for a major project of aerospace power, and it is also a victory for China's aerospace industry.

More than 900 days and nights, from mission failure to reorganization, from zero to solid preparations, from difficult times to successful completion of missions, great dreams mark innovation missions, and the great spirit breeds immortal legends.

In order to improve the reliability of the equipment, the paint field anti-corrosion team can only fill 4 basketball courts with paint buckets that have been used for more than two years. In order to make the plan 6 minutes before launch more sufficient, the control system only discussed 16 hours and formed measures 2000. many lines……

When the news of the Long March 5 successfully sending the satellite into the predetermined orbit came, this time, the Chinese astronauts made the loudest answer with victory, demonstrating a spirit of upsurge and adversity in adversity. This battle was so beautiful!

"The sky is the land, the bed is the bed, the Anjia ravine slab house, three stone racks, and the dried food under the potato." At Wenchang Space Launch Site, a smooth passage of the year is still circulating, this is the older generation of astronauts A true portrayal of self-made wars.

Astronauts struggled endlessly from generation to generation, and groups of people who reported to China vowed to keep silent. In the face of difficulties, the Chinese astronauts did not change their minds and lost their confidence, and became another vivid practice of the new national system. They have explored a scientific management model that meets China's national conditions and the requirements of major scientific and technological projects. A rich team of high-quality talents took the torch in the hands of the predecessors.

All past are prologues. No matter how difficult it is, the vast expanse of the sea is always here, waiting for us to explore and pursue.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Fang and Hu Yan

Editor-in-chief: Li Yuanfang

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