[Xi Jinping's Seventh Golden Sentence of the Year] Greatness comes from ordinary, ordinary makes great

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Xinhua reporter Zhang Minyan

Drafting Cheng Yuanyuan

[During the course of learning] In 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping uttered many "golden sentences" containing the power of truth, ideological power, wisdom power and personality power on different occasions. It hit people's hearts and was unforgettable. Xinhua News Agency's "Learning Progress" original brand column "Classroom" looks back to the whole year through "Golden Sentences" and tastes with you.

"Greatness comes from ordinaryness, ordinaryness makes greatness." Xi Jinping's statement at the ceremony of awarding national medals and national honors on September 29th touched the heart and became a golden phrase that caused strong resonance.

This sentence is concise and powerful, full of philosophical thinking, giving conviction and courage, inspiring the youth struggle with dreams as horses, inspiring the stream of bravery and vying to advance, and the down-to-earth look to the stars ...

The great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era requires tens of thousands of extraordinary groups and extraordinary people. Ordinary work can also create extraordinary achievements; ordinary people can also obtain extraordinary lives.

Ordinary makes great, need firm ideals and convictions.

Honoring heroes in the name of the country is to promote their unswerving, unswerving, and adherence to the ideal and conviction of serving the people. "This life belongs to the motherland, this life has no regrets and no regrets." Huang Xuhua's deep feelings are hidden in his heart; "He will stick to his original heart and never change his nature." Off. Firming ideals and convictions, interpreting beliefs with actions, being pious and persistent, faithful and profound, can we have a spirit of indomitable and unyielding spirit, and we can have the extraordinary spiritual power to stand out from the crowd.

Ordinary makes great, and ordinary things need to be done well.

Fan Jinshi has been rooted in the desert for more than 50 years and devoted himself to the study of grottoes. Wang Youde "settled the sand for a lifetime and suffered a lifetime" ... whether it is a takeaway brother who "sends you food in the wind and rain" or a party member cadre who is struggling to fight poverty. Are the sanitation workers who work hard year after year, day or day, or soldiers standing on the edge of the snow ... They are forgetful of their work and selfless dedication in ordinary jobs, regardless of personal gains and losses. A great selfless state.

Ordinary creation of greatness requires unremitting struggle.

The unremitting spirit of struggle is the indomitable figure of the Chinese women's volleyball team "fearless of the strong hands, dare to fight and dare to fight"; it is the charge of Du Fuguo's critical situation "You step back, let me come!" Unswervingly steadfastly ... To win the battle against poverty as scheduled, we need to set our goals and work hard; unswervingly and comprehensively deepen reforms, we need to continuously strive to continue to advance reforms ...

In 2019, we are going through an extraordinary year in our unremitting struggle.

In 2020, we will certainly continue to make progress towards the goal of "two hundred years".

China today is derived from the struggle of countless ordinary people;

China's tomorrow will be created in the great struggle of 1.4 billion people!

Editor-in-chief: Yang Amin

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