Study abroad allows the light of youth to shine on the road to fighting for dreams

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[Under the Guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era——New Era and New Chapter]

Guangming Daily reporter Luo Xu

"I hope that you will carry forward the glorious tradition of studying abroad, have great ambitions, study hard, and grow into an outstanding talent at an early date, dedicate your learned skills to the motherland and the people, and let the light of youth shine on the road of striving for your dreams. "On December 30, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged young people studying abroad in his reply to Chinese students at Moscow University.

To this day, I think of December 30, two years ago, the former chairman of Moscow University Chinese Students and Scholars Association Lusentong was still very excited.

On that day, Lu Sentong and 30 other Chinese student representatives read the letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Chinese Embassy in Russia. The letter was full of concerns and expectations for the younger generation of students studying abroad.

Youth is the "sun at eight or nine in the morning", the future of the country and the future of the world. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly sent congratulatory letters and written letters to young people at home and abroad, with love, encouragement and entrustment.

The realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is inseparable from the relay struggle of young generations. From Qian Xuesen and Deng Jiaxian, who returned to China in their early years, to Huang Danian and Pan Jianwei, who are determined to serve the country, generations of overseas students have carried forward the glorious tradition of studying abroad, which has profoundly confirmed an unbreakable historical proposition: The young generation has ideals, skills, and responsibilities. There is hope for the nation.

Overseas students turn to the motherland

2017 is a very special year for Chinese students studying in Russia. That year was the 60th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's famous speech "Hope on You" at Moscow University, the 100th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution, and the year when the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held.

Not long ago, Lu Sentong, who had returned to China to study for a PhD in Law at Peking University in 2018 at the lakeside of the lake with the shadow of Huguang Tower, still remembered the situation when he wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping two years ago.

On October 18, 2017, the day when the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, Chinese international students watched the live broadcast collectively in Moscow and learned the spirit of the meeting for the first time. Soon after, on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, representatives of foreign students came to the Permanent Exhibition Hall of the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of China on the outskirts of Moscow to look back on the years and talk about the great changes in the motherland. "Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the cause of the party and the country has completely opened up. Although we are far away from Russia, we are also extremely proud and glorious." Lusentong said that this is also the common goal of millions of overseas students. Aspirations.

No matter how long the tree's shadow is, the roots are always in the soil. Professor Zhao Xin of Tokyo University of Science introduced that the Japanese students organized the "Spring Chun Plan" expert group of doctors studying in Japan. Since 2002, they have provided uninterrupted support to the construction of western regions such as Qinghai and Sichuan. "In this process, we witnessed the rapid development of China's economy, and we are proud of the great achievements of the motherland." Zhao Xinwei said, "No matter where we are, we are all members of the motherland and the people. Breathe with the people and share the fate. "

"The history of studying abroad for more than a hundred years is the history of struggle for 'the Chinese who seek my ideals.'" Said Chen Guangzhang, former vice chairman of the Moscow University Chinese Students and Scholars Association. "The motherland will always be our warm spiritual home." The prelude to studying abroad started for the first group of students. The history of studying abroad for more than 100 years reflects the unremitting efforts of Chinese children to pursue national rejuvenation, and has witnessed the great leap of China from closed to open, from backward to rich and strong.

"The years are changing, but the motherland's expectations for overseas students have not changed," said Fu Zhihuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former minister of the Ministry of Railways. On November 17, 1957, he was studying abroad at the Moscow Railway Academy. He and his classmates came to the auditorium of the Moscow University and listened to the passionate words of Comrade Mao Zedong: "The world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis it is yours. .Your young people are full of vigor and prosperity, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Hope lies on you. "

Star-fighting, the young students who listened to the teachings of the year grew up to be bright stars in the great cause of the republic. "For us, these words are the motto of life and inspire us to patriotize our lives." Fu Zhihuan said.

After returning to China in 1961, Fu Zhihuan participated in and hosted the development of Shaoshan-type electric locomotives, which made the domestic production rate of railway locomotive equipment to reach over 95% in the 1990s. He then presided over 4 trains to speed up the train, realizing railways to turn losses and increase profits. He presided over the initial construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and led the independent research and development of the "China Star" EMU with a speed of 321 kilometers per hour.

Times are changing, but the youth of struggle is always shining. In November 2017, a letter filled with patriotism and passion written by Lu Sentong, Chen Guangdi and others was sent from Moscow and sent to the motherland, Beijing. In their letter, they said: "We have clearly defined our goals: we are committed to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Incorporate your ego into your motherland

Instigated and hopeful, the reply of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspired the passion of young people at home and abroad. Yang Xiaotian, then the president of the All-Japan Chinese Students Association, said: We will uphold the lofty ideals of the older generation of overseas students, keep our minds on the motherland, combine personal ideals with national development, and dedicate the learned skills to the motherland and the people. Zhang Jing, who is pursuing a doctorate at the French National Institute of Technology, said: "As the new year comes, this care from the party and the motherland is very encouraging. We will not forget our original intention, remember our mission, tell Chinese stories, and spread Chinese voices. And strive to be the new generation of ambassadors of Sino-French friendship. "

As of 2019, this letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping still made Wang Chaoyong, chairman of Xinli Capital Group, sigh with emotion: "The country provides an unprecedented career platform for returnees studying abroad. The close integration of national prosperity and prosperity can better realize the value of life and sublimate the realm of life. "

As a representative figure of returned students studying abroad after the reform and opening up, Wang Chaoyong's experience can be described as "young and inspirational". In 1985, at the age of 20, he was sent to the United States as a public student by Tsinghua University, and in 1987 he became one of the first Chinese students to enter Wall Street. In 1998, in response to the needs of the construction of the motherland, at the age of 33, he resigned from the post of vice president of Asia for Morgan Stanley and took the initiative to serve as a consultant for the China Development Bank with an annual salary of one yuan. Since then, he has turned to the investment field and founded Xinzhongli Company. He successfully raised more than 200 million US dollars in less than a year. He has invested in more than 120 companies such as Baidu, Sohu, Huayi Brothers, and Thunder, writing a legend in the industry. .

Negatives seek academic knowledge, and fist returns to the national heart. Xu Changdong went to the United States to study in 1983. As the initiator and promoter of China's general aviation industry economy, he has always adhered to the ideal of life of "the world is worried and the world is happy and the world is happy", and it has always revived the country The people's happiness as the ambition of hard work, consciously make the fruit of personal success in the evergreen tree of patriotism.

In recent years, Xu Changdong, the president of the European and American Alumni Association and the President of the China General Aviation Development Association, has cooperated with companies in the United States, Russia, Ukraine and other countries to introduce technology projects such as helicopters and aero engines. He has repeatedly stated that patriotism is both a duty and a responsibility. It is the responsibility and responsibility of the general aviation equipment industry to develop in China. While revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry, building a socialized and national emergency rescue system pursue.

Let ideals and beliefs sublimate in the entrepreneurial struggle

On October 1st, during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of National Day, a crowd parade composed of teachers and students from Peking University walked through the Tiananmen Tower, and Lusentong burst into tears. "At that moment, patriotism was surging in everyone's chest." He told himself in his heart, "As a young man in the new era, we must be brave and arduous, and become a vigorous force that drives the Chinese nation to accelerate towards a great renaissance."

"Struggle is the brightest background of youth." The life of the post-80s entrepreneur Zhang Yunfei perfectly illustrates this belief. In 2010, he led the team to establish China's first unmanned boat company, Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and set up the world's largest unmanned boat R & D team from scratch. Today, they have broken into the forefront of the international unmanned boat industry, filled domestic gaps, and created an innovative highland for China's smart marine industry.

"Confidence in life is 200 years, it will hit the water for three thousand miles." "Patriotic young people must be brave to be the pioneers, pioneers and devotees who are at the forefront of the times." The dream is integrated into the Chinese dream, allowing ideals and convictions to sublimate in the struggle for entrepreneurship, and to write his name on the glorious history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. "

One generation has a long march, and one generation has the responsibility of one generation. From 1978 to the end of 2018, a total of 5,587,100 people from various types of Chinese students studying abroad, of which 3.651,400 people chose to return to China after completing their studies. The vast number of students studying abroad have actively participated in the reform and opening up and the socialist modernization drive, and have made important contributions to promoting China's economic and social development.

Youth is brilliant, and it is a good time to struggle. "Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a relay race." Lu Sentong said, "We must strengthen our ideals and convictions, be brave of the times, unleash the youth dream in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream, and work tirelessly for the people's interests In life. "

Guangming Daily (December 30, 2019, 01 edition)

Editor-in-chief: Zhao Zichen

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