Insidious! U.S. agency report reveals CNN and New York Times

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Reference News Network reported on December 29. Hong Kong media said that 2019 was the year of violent protests around the world, but the situation in Hong Kong had "extraordinarily" attracted the attention of mainstream American media.

According to a report on Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" website titled "How the American Media Made Consensus in Hong Kong" on December 10, the independent media oversight organization of the United States "fairly and accurately reports" on the New York Times and CNN A comparative study was conducted, and the results showed that compared to other countries and regions, the two media showed unusual attention to Hong Kong.

Profile picture: In November this year, outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the thug arson, smashed and confronted the police. (Xinhua News Agency)

It is reported that there was a "yellow vest" movement in France and Catalan protests in Spain. Violent clashes with protesters have erupted in Lebanon, Gaza, Chile, Ecuador, Haiti, Iran and Iraq. According to relevant data, the number of people killed by security forces ranges from dozens, hundreds, to thousands.

But "Fair and Accurate Reporting" found that: "The American media are only very interested in one of the subjects: the protests in Hong Kong." The organization found that as of November 22, "news related to the protests in Hong Kong has There are 737, 12 in Ecuador, 28 in Haiti, and 36 in Chile. "

The research report said: "This apparent inconsistency cannot be explained by the scale, importance of other protests and the severity of repression by security agencies. No one died under the hands of Hong Kong police, and only one protester fell from a building Death, and another 70-year-old man was killed by bricks thrown by protesters. "

The study also said: "Demonstrators in Hong Kong are almost always called 'pro-democracy protesters', and protests that shake Chile are often downgraded to 'riots' or 'robberies and arson'."

The group noted that the US media often whitewashed the more violent and scarier details of Hong Kong protests in order to continue its simple narrative praising "Hong Kong democrats" for fighting for freedom.

The research report said: "(Negative) language is rarely used in Hong Kong protesters, even if these languages are more applicable to them. In addition to extensive property damage ... protesters have recently flammed another elderly person with flammable liquids And fire on him in front of the camera. "

The research report also said: "New York Times reporters described that they saw demonstrators creating 'hundreds of bombs' to use. Despite this, the newspaper still described these militants as 'supporting democracy' molecule'."

The study concluded that there was no difference in these US media reports on Hong Kong, and the pace was "exactly the same."

Editor-in-chief: Chen Qiujing

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