More than 50 promotional activities will be staged in Guiyang

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Guiyang Net News On December 30, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the Guiyang New Year's Eve Shopping Activity in 2019 with the theme of “Sweet Guiyang · Consumer Paradise-New Year's Eve Shopping” has been fully launched. During the period, more than 50 promotional activities will be held in various districts (cities, counties) and commercial complexes at all levels, which will further increase the supply of products and services during the festival, create a “cool Guiyang · consumer paradise” Guiyang consumer brand, and enhance “Guiyang The influence, appeal, and radiance of the "shopping" brand.

This happy shopping event is from mid-December 2019 to February 15, 2020. It is carried out in the form of "government stage, corporate opera, media momentum, people Tesco, and market operation". Guiyang consumer brand of "Heaven" highlights the two main activities of "Fashion Shopping · Quality Life".

During the event, a series of business travel and cultural integration activities will be successively held such as the Museum's Wonderful Night New Year's Eve, the Second Cultural Tourism New Year's Goods Festival in Guiyang, and the 2020 Spring Festival Lantern Festival Temple City in Guanshan Lake District of Guiyang City. · Fruit Carnival, Guiyang bonded import display of goods and cross-border e-commerce experience consumption week and other exhibition activities; through the online organization of Jingdong Yonghang, Suning Tesco and other trading platforms, around the famous products, the introduction of home appliances, department stores, local specialties and other series of discounts Promotion activities, and simultaneously carry out on-site experience activities in physical stores of key business enterprises such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and complexes, and promote the development of integrated retail formats such as "online + offline", "goods + services", "retail + experience", and expand the consumer market Scale and increase the attractiveness of the event; launching a variety of opening promotions in newly-built urban complexes such as Vanke Impression City, Greater Shanghai Wanda Plaza, Tianhetan Outlets and Yitian Holiday Plaza.

Not only that, during the event, major districts (cities, counties) of major commercial districts, commercial pedestrian streets, commercial complexes, and characteristic commercial districts will also closely follow the festivals such as "New Year's Day", "Spring Festival" and "Lantern Festival", and carefully plan "every day has events" "There are surprises every week," the promotion activities, through discounts, store celebration discounts, famous product sales, full-time sale, points redemption, etc., to promote holiday consumption and prosperity holiday market.

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