Community roads with many illegally parked vehicles to cope with chaos

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Citizen response

Baiyun District, Quanhu Community, Youpin Chengbang District, has a large number of illegally parked vehicles on its roads, has serious road occupation, and has lasted for nearly a year, seriously affecting citizens' travel and the image of a civilized city.

Department response

On December 26, the Baihu District Quanhu Community Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department, the District Traffic Police Department, the District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, and Youpin Chengbang Property jointly conducted chaos on vehicles on Yupin Chengbang Road No. 2 and occupied roads. Special rectification.

Reporter visit

Recently, Mr. Citizen Lan reflected to Guiyang's network administration platform that many vehicles on the No. 2 road in Youpin Chengbang Community, Quanhu Community, Baiyun District have stopped illegally, causing road congestion and severely affected citizens ’travel.

At 2 pm on December 23, the reporter came to the section to investigate and found that the congestion was indeed more serious. The No. 2 road in Youpin Chengbang District is a four-lane road with a length of about 500 meters. The lane is full of various private cars, vans, minivans, and motorcycles. The originally spacious four-lane road has become a narrow two-lane road. At the end of the road, there are many businessmen who occupy the road, forming a temporary vegetable market. Large-scale engineering vehicles often pass on the road, making the road very crowded.

In sharp contrast, there are a large number of vacant parking spaces in the underground parking lot of Youpin Chengbang Community.

"There is no need for money on the roadside. Everyone is trying to get cheap. Slowly more and more vehicles are being parked." Said Ms. Shao, owner of Youpin Chengbang Community.

Mr. Wang, the owner of the district, said: "Underground parking lots were chaotic, with high fees, poor sanitation, and there was no monitoring. There were also cases of vehicle theft, and everyone was reluctant to stop inside."

In response, Mr. Chi, the head of safety and health at U-City Property Service Center, said: "We have made rectifications in response to the health and safety issues raised by the owners, and the sanitation has been greatly improved. The owners are also more satisfied. At the same time, eight new More than a dozen cameras, and standardized parking management and reduced parking fees. However, parking on the road does not cost money, you stop and I stop, resulting in more and more illegal parking vehicles. "

Mr. Chi said that because Road 2 has not yet been handed over to the municipal department, parking on this section of the road is temporarily outside the scope of traffic police enforcement. In addition, there has been no supermarket in the community, which has also led to temporary vendors selling food on the road. Over time, the current Chaos.

On December 24, the reporter reported this problem to the Quanhu Community Service Center in Baiyun District. The Quanhu Community Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department immediately reported to the superior department and actively coordinated the process.

In the morning of December 26th, under the coordination of the Quanhu Community Service Center, the Quanhu Community Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department, the joint district comprehensive law enforcement team, and Youpin Property and other units dispatched about 80 people and two law enforcement vehicles to jointly work on Youpin City. Violations such as illegal operation of roads and illegal parking of vehicles on the second road will be specifically rectified.

"This issue requires the joint management of all departments, as well as the active cooperation of surrounding residents, and common observance of relevant regulations to jointly build a common governance and share a beautiful home." Said Hou Guanpin, head of the Quanhu Community Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department. Chaos such as road operations will be strengthened in the future to make residents travel smoothly and live a comfortable life. "

Guiyang Daily Rong media intern reporter Ouyang Chuncheng Yu Yichang Ren Luyao

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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