Ten "New Year Gift Packages" from Guiyang's Second Cultural Tourism New Year's Goods Festival

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Guiyang Net News On December 30, the reporter was informed at the press conference held by the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau that the second cultural tourism New Year's Festival in Guiyang will be held in 2020 with the theme of "Cultural Tourism Welcomes the New Year, Huimin New Year's Festival". On January 4th and 5th, it will be held in Huanhuoyuan Shopping Center Huanhu Square.

This year's New Year's Day has ten wonderful highlights: first, the calligraphy masters of the Guiyang Mass Art Museum will write free Spring Festival couplets on the spot for the citizens; the second is the on-site special booth to help fight poverty and help the poor, and will carry out the original ecology of various ethnic groups Cultural tourism product display; the third is the Guizhou local product exhibition, which is sold at a minimum of 50% off. The products include Guizhou-style bacon, sausage, spicy chicken, tea, wool embroidered scarf, embroidered mouse pad, tie-dye scarf, and tourist special products. The fourth is the "poem and distance" of happy New Year created by major travel agencies in Guiyang, including 80 million yuan of various classic travel routes, more than 2,000 classic trips in the province, domestic and outbound tours, and discount tickets Ultra-low discount snapping activities; Fifth, the lowest annual discount tickets for major scenic spots in the city, some tickets are not limited to 50% off the sale, the annual hot spring card, scenic package tickets, recharge card ultra-low discount sales; sixth, on-site sales of Guiyang Whole store coupons, catering package coupons, buffet coupons, tea gift coupons, room coupons and coffee coupons for major international and domestic brand hotels; Tian’an will open a free direct train to important nodes in the city during the New Year ’s Day, and scenic areas will be opened to Qingyan Ancient Town and Tianhetan special line, and 30,000 free tickets will be issued on the spot; eight is Everbright Bank and CITIC Bank will issue financial gifts on the spot; eight is Citizens can draw free air tickets (excluding tax) from Guiyang to Paris, Milan, Australia, Moscow, Nepal and other routes provided by major airlines and charter companies across the country. Citizens can also purchase domestically-originated lowest-priced domestic flights starting from Guiyang on site. And international air tickets; ten is to benefit people through culture. Cultural enterprises such as Le Zhuan Study Room and Sisyph Bookstore will provide high-quality books and high-quality cultural and creative goods, and launch 15% discount activities.

In addition, on the big stage of the event, cultural performing arts units such as Guiyang Performing Arts Group, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, and Guizhou Peking Theater will also perform colorful New Year performances.

Guiyang Daily News reporter Qian Li

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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