Pingtang to Luodian Expressway opened to traffic today shortened to 1 hour

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The Pingtang Super Bridge on the Pingtang to Luodian Expressway. Xinhua / Fax

Guiyang Net News On December 30, the opening ceremony of the Pingtang-Luodian Expressway in Guizhou was held on the Pingtang Super Bridge, the world's first concrete high-rise tower bridge. According to the arrangement, at 23:59 on December 31, the Pingluo Expressway will be officially opened to traffic.

The 93.478-km Pingluo Expressway is an important section of the Yuqing-Anlong Expressway in Guizhou Province. After opening to traffic, the travel time from Pingtang to Luodian will be shortened from about two and a half hours to about one hour. It will effectively connect with national highways such as Yinbai Expressway, Xiarong Expressway, Shankun Expressway, and form a horizontal connection in the south of our province The large transport corridor is of great and far-reaching significance for accelerating the pace of poverty alleviation in the contiguous and extremely poverty-stricken areas of concentrated desertification in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guizhou, and vigorously implementing the strategy of rural rejuvenation.

The Pingtang Bridge is a controlled project of the Pingluo Expressway. The bridge is 2135 meters in length and is a three-tower, double-cable, superposed beam cable-stayed bridge. The world's tallest reinforced concrete bridge tower. In November 2016, the project design solution stood out from more than 300 countries and more than 300 international projects, and won the 2016 Be Innovation Award Finalist Award.

With the completion of the Pingtang Bridge and the opening of the Pingluo-Roman Expressway, the total mileage of Guizhou Expressway reached 7004 kilometers, jumping to the fourth place in the country and the second place in the west, and the comprehensive density remained the first in the country.

Guiyang Daily News Media Reporter Wang Fang Zhang Wei

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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