Just for anger! Anhui man leaves home for more than 20 years

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At the age of 22, he left home with anger, and after 20 years of wandering in Guizhou, he was homesick ... On December 28, with the help of various parties in Guizhou, an Anhui man Hu Ze stopped at Liupanshui Railway Station to see his brother and nephew, leaving two Tears.

At the end of October this year, a staff member of the Fayang Road community in Huangtupo Street Office, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City found a homeless man living in a coal shed in a community. The man whose accent is completely "Shuicheng dialect" said that he is from Anhui and has been wandering in Liupanshui for more than 20 years. He wants to return to his hometown.

Considering the weather was cold, the community worker then contacted the local civil affairs department, but the man could not help him because the man did not have information such as his identity card. After the incident, Lu Yong, a policeman from the Zhongshan Police Station, found the man. He learned that he had settled down in Anhui, but he did not have an identity card. His name was Hu Zezhan. In 1995, when he was 22, he came to Pu'an, Guizhou. Soon he went to Liupanshui again. For 24 years, he has been a piggyback and a coal, and has almost lived a stray life. As he grew older, his physical strength began to decline, his life was difficult, and he wanted to return to his hometown.

According to the address provided by Hu Zezhing and his family's information, policeman Lu Yong quickly contacted the Anhui Luji Police Station and the local village party secretary, confirming what Hu Zezhing said. On December 27, policeman Lu Yong contacted Hu's family and asked Hu Ze to stop video with his family. In the video, the two sides confirmed each other's identity. On the morning of the 28th, Hu Ze's family took a flight from Anhui to Guiyang, and then took a train from Guiyang to Liupanshui to pick up Hu Ze.

That night, when seeing Hu Ze who had been wandering for more than 20 years and had become a bit old, Hu's family bowed again and again, thanking the community and police for finding their loved ones for many years.

It turned out that Hu Ze stopped to go to Guizhou with his family and said he had returned to his hometown. After coming to Liupanshui, Hu Zeng wrote three times to ask his family for money, and the family remitted him more than 10,000 yuan three times. Shortly thereafter, they lost contact with Hu Zeding.

That night, Hu Ze's family took Hu Ze to stop and drove back to Anhui overnight.


Editor-in-chief: Gao Chunchun

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