Many windows of a community in Guiyang were "shot"? Police intervention

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"Bang!" There was a muffled sound from the guest bedroom window. At 11 am on the 27th, Mr. Yang, the owner of Botai Huating who was resting in the living room, went to the guest bedroom to take a look. He was surprised: a small pit with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm appeared in the tempered glass of the guest window. Open, covered with whole window glass.

In the past 3 years, the window glass of more than 10 homes from 5 to 10 floors in the unit where Mr. Yang was located was damaged.

Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Three days and two "guns", the owner was nervous

At noon on December 30, the reporter came to the Botai Huating District located at Guikai Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City.

Owner Mr. Yang introduced that his house was shot twice this time. First on the evening of December 25th, the glass in the living room was shot with a "gun", leaving a small hole, and the glass did not break.

Bullet holes in the living room window of Mr. Yang's house.

"I wasn't home at the time, and the bullet holes were discovered after I returned home," Mr. Yang said. Then, at around 11 am on the 27th, he was just resting at home, and suddenly he heard a "bang" from the guest bedroom window. He used to see that the tempered glass was hit by a "gun" and the whole glass broke.

The reporter saw in the floor-to-ceiling window of Mr. Yang's living room that the glass was about 80 centimeters high and there was a small puncture hole with a diameter of about three or four millimeters. The glass was not broken.

A piece of glass in the middle of the floor-to-ceiling window of the guest bedroom was completely cracked, and the shattered texture scattered from a small pit with a diameter of three or four millimeters in all directions. The broken glass in the upper part of the window had been broken and dropped downstairs, and the floor of the guest bedroom was covered with broken glass slag. Mr. Yang said that he had hired a master and removed the glass in the afternoon. "The building is so windy and windy. I'm afraid of falling and smashing people. I'd better remove it first."

Three years, 10 owners of glass were beaten

"Now I don't dare to stand at the window, I always feel aimed. I still feel uneasy when I pull the curtains every day." Mr. Yang said, this is not the first time his family has been hit by a "cold gun". 3 years ago.

Mr. Yang said that his house was beaten many times in three years, leaving 7 bullet holes, one in the master bedroom, and two bullet holes in the glass of the three rooms of the living room, study, and guest bedroom. Only The last guest bedroom was hit and the glass broke.

Mr. Yang's guest was lying on the broken glass.

"This time it was played during the day. It was really crazy. Fortunately, there was no one in the room at the time, otherwise I didn't dare to think about it." Mr. Yang said that the day he broke the glass, he called the police again.

"This gun is very powerful, 6-8 mm thick tempered glass, it will be broken in one shot. If it hits someone, it will be fine." Mr. Yang said that his room was originally for his mother. Since Three years ago, after the glass in his master bedroom was beaten, he dared not let his mother live here.

The property manager Peng of this community also confirmed that the “shooting incident” occurred about three years ago. The window glass of more than 10 home owners in the unit where Mr. Yang lived had been “gunned”, and the owners were nervous.

"It was more frequent two years ago, and it has been a lot less this year. It hasn't even existed for several months. I didn't expect it to appear again in the past few days." Manager Peng said that the property also installed surveillance in the direction of the bullets.

Police have been involved in the investigation

Botai Huating is the only high-rise building nearby. The unit where Mr. Yang lives is in front of the football stadium of Guizhou Medical University. There are a few residential buildings next to it. The nearest one is also 60 or 70 meters.

Owners speculate that the "cold gun" is likely to come from those residential buildings. The distance is so great and the power is so strong that it can break the high-rise tempered glass. It should be caused by something like a steel ball gun or a crossbow.

In addition to worrying that their own glass may also be subject to unexpected events, the owner expressed indignation at the actions of the "gunman" during the interview. Owners hate and fear, do not know when the shooter will shoot? What will you aim for next time?

"It shouldn't be revenge. Maybe the gunman was just 'training the gun'. I don't know what the mentality of this person is." The owner Mr. Chen analyzed, and many owners suspected that it was the people in the nearby glass shop.

"I can break the toughened glass of more than ten floors. If it really hit someone?" The owner Mr. Shi filled with indignation. "I hope that the police will solve the case as soon as possible, and everyone will pay more attention and catch this person as soon as possible."

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Guiwu police station. The trainer Liang said that the police had been involved in the investigation. Police technicians surveyed each owner's home and analyzed the trajectory of the "bullet hole" to draw out the range of suspected firing points. The police station also investigated the area and strengthened patrolling in the area.

Lawyer: Violated the law

Attorney Kang Yi of Guizhou Guida Law Firm stated that he did not know what the purpose of the person who hit the glass was, whether to vent his emotions or just to understand the boredom. It should not hurt others' property and bring hidden danger to others. And this behavior has violated the law.

Article 49 of the Law on Public Security Administration Penalties provides that anyone who intentionally damages public or private property shall be detained for more than five days and less than ten days, and may be fined not more than five hundred yuan concurrently. Detention can be imposed concurrently with a fine of less than 1,000 yuan.

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