Guiyang 1922 poverty-stricken severely handicapped families completed barrier-free renovation project

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Guiyang Net News On December 30, the reporter learned from the Municipal Disabled Persons 'Federation that Guiyang's 2019 impoverished and severely disabled families' barrier-free renovation project was fully completed.

Since the beginning of this year, the central and provincial levels have allocated about 690,000 yuan, and the city level has matched 1.2 million yuan. After districts (cities and counties) have secured a certain amount of funds, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation has organized family-free implementation of the city's 1,922 poor and severely disabled families. Obstacle transformation. In the work, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation always takes the needs of disabled people as the guide, connects the requirements of barrier-free transformation work with the needs of disabled people, and continuously improves the level of precision services for disabled people. According to the project standards and conditions, the district (city, county) disabled people's federations actively promoted and mobilized, carried out detailed investigations, and combined with the individual needs of disabled families, "one household, one reform" to create a suitable barrier-free transformation plan for each disabled family.

In the implementation process, starting from the liberation of the labor force of the poor and severely disabled families and improving the lives of the severely disabled, in conjunction with related work such as affordable housing construction, dilapidated house renovation, and ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, the construction unit carried out room ramp modification, installation prevention Family barrier-free renovations such as falling guardrails (handrails), widening room doors, squatting and changing toilets, setting low cooktops, installing handrails, installing water heaters, and installing flashing visual doorbells.

In order to effectively use limited funds on the "blade", the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation strictly monitors and controls the use of project funds, strengthens daily inspections and spot checks, and promotes continuous improvement and improvement of project implementation quality and results.

Guiyang Daily News reporter Tang Li

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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