The first Wanda Plaza in Yunyan District opens

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Night scene of Wanda Plaza in Yunyan.

Guiyang Net News On December 30, as the focus of Yunyan District's vigorous implementation of the "100 Fields, 1000 Stores and Ten Thousand Shops" action plan to revitalize the commerce and trade industry, the first Wanda Plaza in Yunyan District opened.

The Yunyan Wanda Plaza project is located in the southern section of Xintian Avenue, with a total commercial area of nearly 120,000 square meters. The project is positioned as a new life center in Guiyang, bringing together 242 well-known brands in clothing, boutique, catering, children, entertainment, and leisure. , Covering night shows, night shows, night food, night entertainment, night play and other content, while providing social gatherings, catering, entertainment, shopping and other services, while focusing on upgrading the full-time consumer experience, creating a new benchmark for Guiyang's night economy. The Yunyan District Government awarded Yunyan Wanda Plaza the "Night Economic Demonstration Street".

Since this year, Yunyan District has always adhered to high standards, accelerated high-level openness, promoted high-quality development, proactively responded to the trend of domestic consumption upgrades, and strived to build a "one core, two axes, three streets, ten circles, and multiple points" commercial space layout To accelerate the upgrading of the commerce and trade industry, urban energy levels and core competitiveness have continued to rise. In December this year, Vanke Impression City and Yunyan Wanda Plaza were officially opened. Next year, commercial establishments such as Guiyang One and Digital Expo Wanda Plaza will continue to open.

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