Guizhou man claims that Ji Gong's reincarnation is a serial bureau under the sale of electric blankets

来源:贵州都市报 Release time: 2019-12-31 09:35 Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily

Holding a broken fan in his hand and claiming to be a "Jigong" reincarnation, a man was recently deceived by a patrolling police officer while walking on the bazaar in Bazhai Township , Wanshan District, Tongren. Board.

At 14:40 on December 27, the policemen of the Aozhai Police Station found that a man in the bazaar was dressed as "Jigong", holding a fan in his hand, claiming to be "Jigong" reincarnated. The man presented ring, bodhisattva pendants, bracelets and other items for free to the surrounding villagers, and said that wearing them would ensure the family's safety and freedom from illness and disaster.

After many people watched and received the free gifts, "Jigong" claimed to be thirsty, and the people who received the goods gave 2 yuan to buy water to drink, and the villagers took out 2 yuan to send to "Jigong". After receiving the money, it was returned to the villagers. The "Jigong" said that money was not important, mainly to test whether everyone was sincere. As everyone knows, this is the beginning of cheating.

"Now, I want to send an electric blanket." The man again tried to testify the sincerity of everyone and asked the villagers to prepare 100 yuan each for the electric blanket, and said that 100 yuan would also be returned, and many villagers believed it.

"I'll give you 100 yuan first." A villager handed the money to the "Jigong". After getting the electric blanket, "Jigong" returned 100 yuan to her. Upon seeing this, dozens of villagers present took out 100 yuan and handed it over to "Jigong". After everyone received the electric blanket, "Jigong" rephrased: "This is the sesame oil of the bodhisattva and cannot be returned." Helpless, I had to leave.

The man's deceit was caught by the police patrolling here. Upon investigation, the man's surname was Yang, 40 years old, from Jiangkou. Because I wanted to get rich quickly, I came up with such a way to make money. I did not expect to be seized by the police on the first day of cheating in the Aozhai bazaar.

At present, more than 1,000 yuan of the fraudulent Yang Yang fraudulent return has been returned to the deceived villagers, Wanshan police imposed an administrative fine of 500 yuan for their illegal acts.

Editor-in-chief: Gao Chunchun

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